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iPhone 6 Plus bending issues alleged

Image via omnifeed.comIn the days since the iPhone 6 Plus went on sale there has been a lot of positive talk about how Apple’s larger handset is an excellent addition to the phablet marketplace. However, the release has not been without its controversies, with the biggest problem apparently being the fragility of the phone.

Reports from a number of early adopters suggest that the aluminium chassis of the handset is prone to bending when the phone is left in a pocket for an extended period, according to Gizmodo. Video evidence shows that applying a decent amount of pressure to the device using your hands alone can be enough to leave it with a permanent bend.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a very thin handset, but it is also wide and long as a result of its 5.5 inch screen. This inevitably leads to a degree of weakness, since there is no bulky internal skeleton to help it remain rigid.

In fact some have pointed out that most phones of this size can suffer from bending over time, but the speed with which complaints have been raised about the iPhone 6 Plus might be a warning sign. Apple has yet to respond to these claims.

Fully Fledged Game Controller for iPhone Launched

Image via afterpad.comAlthough Android users have been able to tinker with dedicated gaming pads from the Moga range for more than 12 months, the arrival of iOS 8 has finally allowed third parties to make controllers for the hardcore crowd that prefers Apple handsets.

The Moga Rebel has now launched for iPhone with a design that is essentially identical to that of the Xbox 360 or Xbox One game pad. It features dual analogue sticks, a d-pad, a host of face buttons and shoulder triggers to complete the setup.

It connects wirelessly to iOS devices, although it also comes with a clamp that lets you attach it to them physically for a secure way to play whilst on the move.

Built-in batteries can be recharged via a USB cable. As long as you have an iOS 8 device from the iPhone 5 onwards, it is fully compatible.

There are plenty of iPhone and iPad games that benefit from advanced controllers such as this, including titles which originally appeared on consoles, such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. And while it may not hold enough appeal to get Angry Birds fans opening their wallets, there will surely be a big contingent of gamers interested in what it has to offer.

Motorola launches customisation service in UK

MotoMakerBritish smartphone fans now have the opportunity to create their own version of the Moto X handset courtesy of the Moto Maker facility launched by Motorola this month.

Previously, the feature was only available in the US, but now customers from the UK can choose the specific style and materials used on their new mobile, as long as they are willing to pay for the privilege.

Customisation options are available to view online and as well as adjusting the colour, you can add different types of trim and alter the amount of onboard storage that the Moto X has available.

While the tool is relatively simple to use, it definitely delivers a rich array of personalisation opportunities and means that you do not need to rely on a third party case to jazz up the look and feel of your smartphone.

So far, most other manufacturers have not followed in the footsteps of Motorola, but the new Moto X is a decent device in its own right and the ability to customise it should be a significant selling point when offered to a certain audience. So while the firm may no longer be owned by Google, it remains a powerful force in the market.

Two new Nokias unleashed

Image via nokia.comThis month at the IFA conference a pair of new Lumia devices from Nokia were given their first official showing in public, with each appealing to users who are after an affordable phone which is still capable of taking decent pictures.

The Lumia 735 offers a 4.7 inch 720p display, quad core 1.2GHz processor and simple yet colourful design. But with a 5 megapixel camera on the front, it is a killer selfie machine, capable of capturing high quality images, while allowing the user to see what they are shooting on the screen.

The Lumia 830 has a similar processor setup, but has a larger, five inch 720p screen and also an exterior design which is constructed using premium materials, making it a little more desirable.

A dual SIM Lumia 730 was also showcased, with all of these devices helping to give Nokia and its owner, Microsoft, a better foothold in the modern marketplace. Along with top tier handsets like the Lumia 930 and the photography-focused Lumia 1020, users should have more than enough choice if Windows Phone is their favourite operating system.

New features on Windows Phone 8.1, including the voice controlled assistant Cortana, will help to convince Android and iOS users that it might be worth making the switch.

EE to offer Wi-Fi calling on iPhone 6

Image via techradar.comThe iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus launch event was so packed with information that there may be features that you overlooked. And one of the more interesting capabilities offered by Apple’s new smartphones is that which allows them to make voice calls through Wi-Fi hotspots.

The idea is that even if your mobile network provider’s coverage is not available in your area, you will still be able to make calls as normal as long as you have access to a wireless broadband service. And UK network operator, EE, was one of the partners that Apple announced for this feature.

With the rise of VoIP and instant messaging, networks are seeing revenues from calls and texts slip away. But by integrating Wi-Fi, calling companies like EE might be able to prevent this drop-off, while also making the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus more convenient for customers.

Network coverage is improving annually but in the UK there are still places where patchy signal can mean dropped calls. And with Wi-Fi hotspots proving to be so ubiquitous, it makes sense for providers to jump on this bandwagon, especially now that Apple is onboard.