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LG develops yet another flagship smartphone

LG G4Although the LG G4 has only been officially announced in the past few weeks, the South Korean firm seems keen to stay one step ahead of the competition. As a result, it looks like it could be making yet another flagship handset with the intention of releasing it before the end of 2015.

This is based on reports from Focus Taiwan, which interviewed an LG executive, who confirmed that it has plans to make more than one flagship device available to fans this year.

Quite what form that flagship might take remains a mystery, although there are suggestions that it may follow in the footsteps of the G Pro 2.

Alternatively, another curved device like the G Flex 2 could be on the cards, with the executive admitting that the details of the hardware have yet to be finalised at this point.

With a powerful chipset, QHD display and leather-backed battery cover, the LG G4 remains the sole flagship offering from the company so far this year. But if it does manage to enhance the market with another high end handset, as Samsung does with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges each year, then LG may be that little bit more competitive.

Oppo introducing affordable new phablets

Oppo R7Chinese mobile manufacturers are giving their international rivals a run for their money at the moment, with Oppo being the latest firm to announce a pair of competitive handsets which could trouble the likes of Samsung and Apple.

The smaller of the two is known as the Oppo R7 and will feature a full HD display measuring five inches across the diagonal. A Qualcomm processor with eight cores and a 1.5GHz clockspeed will work together with 3GB of RAM, to make it a powerful contender. A 16 megapixel camera embedded in the brushed metal backing of the R7 will round off this device, which looks impressive on paper.

The R7 Plus will sport a screen that is a full inch larger than that of the standard model, according to TechRadar. It will still have a 1080p resolution, but interestingly, the surface will be curved a little like that of the LG G Flex 2.

Things like a fingerprint scanner, 4100mAh battery and 4G networking potential will all be part of the R7 Plus package. And while Oppo has not announced a UK release for these handsets, they may well appear here before the end of the year.

Samsung to release waterproof Galaxy S6 variant

Samsung Galaxy S6The Samsung Galaxy S6 is known for its stylish design which, unlike last year’s flagship, does not include the ability to resist the ingress of water or dust particles. But thankfully, those who are in need of a more rugged device will be able to invest in the upcoming Galaxy S6 Active, the first images and details of which have appeared online.

GSM Arena reports that as well as being waterproof and dustproof, the Galaxy S6 Active will be endowed with a microSD memory card slot, a feature which some people see as being sorely missed from the standard Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge.

Furthermore, the rugged design of the S6 Active has allowed Samsung to take even more liberties with the tech under the bonnet and this version may come with a large 3500mAh battery, if early indications are to be believed.

The design of the S6 Active will reflect its rugged ambitions, with a body that is built to withstand physical impacts and abrasions, as well as liquid spills and adverse climates. So it will be interesting to see whether fans of older Galaxy S models flock to this device.

Google to partner with Huawei on new Nexus phablet

Huawei Honor 6
The Huawei Honor 6

Fans of Google’s Nexus range of smartphones and tablets will be pleased to hear that a new handset is on the way, with a manufacturing partner lined up and an autumn launch window on the cards.

Chinese firm, Huawei, who make the popular sim only Honor 6, is going to be working with Google on its next-gen Nexus phablet, with insider sources promising that it will feature a 5.7 inch QHD display and the Snapdragon 810 octa core chipset, according to TechRadar.

Admittedly, the Nexus 6 offered a slightly larger display than its supposed successor, but with a 1080p resolution rather than QHD, it will not be anywhere near as crisp and detailed in the imaging department.

Huawei has a good track record of making affordable smartphones with high powered innards, which means it is a good choice for the next Nexus, since Google is known for keeping the upfront cost of its handsets low.

The name of Google’s upcoming flagship is up in the air since it cannot adopt the Nexus 7 moniker; this has already been applied to a tablet. But whatever marketing approach is taken, the underlying hardware will very much allow it to compete with top tier rivals, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

New Lumia phone specifications leaked

nokia lumia 1020Microsoft is prepping both a range of new Lumia smartphones and the mobile-friendly Windows 10 operating system for launch later in the year. And now details about the handsets themselves have been leaked, giving fans an early overview of what to expect.

Softpedia reports that one new Lumia device, codenamed the Cityman, will come with a 5.7 inch display that packs a QHD resolution comparable to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It will also have an octa-core processor with a 64-bit architecture that is likely to come from the upper tiers of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset family.

A 20 megapixel camera will sit on the rear, while a front-facing five megapixel selfie camera will also be present.

Meanwhile, the second Lumia device in development goes by the name of the Talkman, utilising a more compact 5.2 inch display that still manages to offer a QHD resolution. It will have a slightly slower processor, sporting six cores rather than eight, while like the Cityman, it will run Windows 10.

The launch date and price points of these two devices remain a mystery, although Microsoft will have to bring them to market in the next few months to avoid the hardware becoming old hat.