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Motorola could make next handset waterproof

Image from a Brazilian retailer Motorola is getting ready to launch the new Moto G model in the next few weeks, with the latest leaks suggesting that it will be endowed with a fully waterproof exterior, allowing it to last half an hour in water without suffering any ill effects.

The Moto G range has been evolving in recent years to offer a compelling alternative to other mid-range Android models via models such as the Moto G 2. And in 2015, the new iteration will come with a number of benefits including a 13 megapixel primary camera, a five megapixel selfie camera and a large 2470mAh battery, to keep everything running all day.

A quad core processor and 4G networking are also on the cards, according to a leaked image of the device published by Mobile Syrup.

If the handset that gets released lives up to expectations, then it could do well when it lands in the UK. Motorola has a major press conference scheduled for the end of the month, at which point the 2015 version of the Moto G is likely to make an appearance.

Pricing is key to the success of these mid-range models, so Motorola will need to bear this in mind, especially when courting a savvy UK crowd.

Mobile SIM cards may die out in the near future

SIM cards
The end of the SIM Card?

SIM cards have been an enduring feature of the mobile market for decades, but now they could be about to come to the end of their reign, with 2016 likely to be the year in which the first smartphones without removable SIMs hit the street.

This is according to a report from the Financial Times. It details secret talks held by Apple and Samsung, two of the world’s biggest mobile manufacturers, with a number of other industry bodies, in an attempt to standardise the design of e-SIM chips.

The idea with an e-SIM is that it will be built into the device itself and rather than tying a handset to a specific network provider, it will instead, be capable of operating in conjunction with a range of operators.

While the talks are still ongoing, it could mean that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 handsets are among the first to offer an e-SIM experience to users. This means that you will not need to add a separate SIM card to a device when you first collect it, but will, instead, be able to turn it on and start using it straight away.

However we are not sure where this will leave people not buying new phones as over the last few years as Smartphones have got smarter people are not upgrading as often and SIM Card Only Deals have been very popular.

Battery issues caused by Snapchat patch

snapchat logoA new version of Snapchat, which was launched this week, caused many people problems with smartphone battery life after it was installed. Owners of both iOS and Android devices reported the energy-sapping issue, according to TechRadar.

Powerful models with comparatively large batteries, including the new LG G4, were afflicted by problems following the rollout of the update. And at the time of writing, no fix has been found by the company behind the popular picture messaging app.

The strangest part of the story is that the update to Snapchat itself is relatively minor, with just a few aesthetic changes to the app and some interface additions making an appearance. So there is no apparent reason why it should be eating into battery life for some users.

Screenshots posted online by frustrated Snapchat fans show that, in some cases, it was accounting for almost half of battery usage, taking up more energy than even the display of the device itself. This must be a bug in the software, although it is one which could cost the app some users, if it continues to be a problem for much longer than a few days this month.

Smartphones criticised for sapping user concentration

Lack of concentration
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Whether or not you are in the process of utilising your smartphone, experts now argue that your portable device is harming your concentration levels, with the number of alerts and notifications that it generates.

Researchers at a US university revealed that whenever a notification is received on a smartphone, the user’s mind is instinctively drawn away from whatever task they may have been involved in at the time, irrespective of whether or not they actually pick up their device to see what the alert was about, according to Quartz.

Productivity levels among test subjects, who received a large number of random notifications as part of the study, were down significantly compared to those who were not subjected to these interruptions.

Analysts even argue that when a single alert is heard by a user, it can be just as much of a disruption as actively picking up the smartphone to make a call or craft another type of response.

This means that the best way to get work done in peace and avoid distractions causing you to make mistakes, is either to put your phone on silent with the vibrate function disabled, or leave it turned off.

LG G4 S will be cheaper alternative to flagship handset

LG G4LG’s G4 is amongst the world’s most powerful smarphones, so unsurprisingly it sports a relatively high price tag. And now details about an affordable alternative known as the G4 S have emerged, indicating that this mid range sibling will be a relatively impressive device, in spite of its position in the market.

TechRadar reports that the G4 S will come with a 5.2 inch display using a 1080p resolution, while the processor will be an octa-core model, clocked at 1.4GHz.

The standard G4 only has a hexacore chipset, but crucially this is one of Qualcomm’s quicker processors. The G4 S will also have much less RAM, at only 1.4GB, which is an unusual amount in its own right.

The biggest issue that the G4 S may face when winning over customers is the amount of onboard storage it offers, with early benchmark figures suggesting it has just 3.5GB available to users.

Hopefully, it will feature a microSD card slot like its big brother, in order to overcome this limitation and extend its appeal to people who want to store lots of apps, pictures and videos on their LG smartphone handset.

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