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Asus announces latest affordable smartphone

Asus ZenFone 5QIt may only cost the equivalent of around £230, but the ZenFone 5Q from Asus is surprisingly well equipped and has plenty of attractive features that help it to rival other mid-range handsets.

Launched this week, the phone comes with twin cameras on the rear and yet another double dose of lenses up front. Interestingly enough it is the front-facing combo that has the highest resolution, with a 20 megapixel sensor sitting next to an eight megapixel equivalent, to make its selfie capturing capabilities second to none.

Processing power is also solid, with the Snapdragon 630 chipset sitting alongside 4GB of RAM, according to Tech Radar.

The solid specs keep on coming, with a six inch screen delivering a resolution of 2160×1080. Meanwhile, the 64GB of built in storage is decent in its own right, with a microSD card slot ensuring that there is the opportunity to expand it further if necessary.

A beefy 3300mAh battery should keep the phone running for a full day of heavy use, while the fact that Asus has retained the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack will keep traditionalists happy and allow it to outdo high end rivals like the iPhone X.

New BlackBerry phone details leaked

The all-new Key2 smartphone from BlackBerry has been unveiled although it had its specifications published ahead of time via industry insider Evan Blass, according to Tech Radar.

The Key2 retains a physical keypad along with a touchscreen display, while the aesthetic design is a little more durable and tactile, blending business sensibilities with something a little more resilient.

Twin camera lenses on the rear surface hint at its photography features, while under the skin it will be powered by the Snapdragon 660 processor from Qualcomm along with a hefty 6GB chunk of RAM to top things off.

BlackBerry is now licensed as a brand to slap on smartphones, rather than being innately linked to the Canadian company which originally created it. But in spite of this, the Key2 and last year’s KeyOne smartphones stick to the ethos of practicality and productivity that has been associated with BlackBerry for well over a decade.

The Key2 will be unleashed in full on the 7th of June, although like many modern handsets it has been hit with a number of leaks in the run up to its arrival which might take the wind out of its sails.

Leaked render of Google Pixel 3 emerges

Google Pixel 3 XLGoogle may have shot itself in the foot by including an early image of the as yet unreleased Pixel 3 smartphone as part of its recent rollout of Android P, which is undergoing beta testing at the moment.

Slashleaks sourced the image from within the platform, and while it may be a basic rendering of the device, it does provide some clues about its design.

The first thing of note is the fact that the screen of the Pixel 3 seems to extend almost every edge, without being interrupted by any home button, speaker or camera setup.

This has led some observers to speculate that a lot of these components will either be moved elsewhere, or integrated seamlessly with the display to keep them hidden when not in use.

The notched screen of the iPhone X has been incredibly influential ever since its release, but Google looks set to avoid emulating its closest rival with the Pixel 3 and instead strike out in its own innovative design direction.

The Pixel 3 is not likely to be shown in public until the autumn of 2018, but more leaks will probably occur between now and then to outline more of its features.

iPhone SE 2 September unveiling

The upcoming sequel to Apple’s budget iPhone is a hot topic at the moment, but insider sources quoted by Mac Otakara suggest that it will not be announced until September.

The good news is that even with a little bit of a wait left until its arrival, the iPhone SE 2 is now expected to sport Face ID tech, which will put it on a par with the flagship iPhone X.

Most of the other hardware details are up in the air. Some rumours suggest it will come with a four inch screen, while others expect it to be much larger, perhaps even eclipsing the standard iPhone range.

In spite of this uncertainty, Face ID will be a welcome addition and one which sets the SE 2 apart from the rest of the mid range smartphone market. It will be used to unlock the phone, allow for augmented reality emojis and much more besides.

Next month Apple will host its World Wide Developers Conference, but the main revelation at this event will be iOS 12 and all that it has to offer, leaving the next new handsets to be revealed much later in the year.

Nokia X set for impending announcement

Nokia XAn all-new mid range Nokia handset will be unveiled before the end of the month, according to early ads spied in China by ITHome.

The Nokia X will not compete with the iPhone X in terms of specs or price, but should offer a modest selection of hardware to help it compete with the vast array of Android smartphones already available at the moment.

Not much is known about its hardware, other than that it will come with 64GB of storage space as standard, along with up to 6GB of RAM and a processor from the Qualcomm Snapdragon family under the skin.

The images of the X that have appeared this week show that it will have a high quality finish, with lots of glass up front and a metal-edged trim surrounding the touchscreen display. So it could outclass its closes rivals in terms of styling and hand feel.

There are lots of other Nokia-branded mobiles on the way in 2018, including the range-topping Nokia 9, which is set to touch down in the autumn. And while the Finnish brand may now be licensed by HMD, it still has a lot of cache with smartphone-buying consumers.