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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall enacted

Samsung Galaxy Note 7After initially launching a voluntary recall of the Galaxy Note 7 following issues with combusting batteries, Samsung has now been forced to make this process mandatory, insisting that every customer who purchased its latest phablet following the US launch returns it immediately.

Replacements are already winging their way to retail outlets across the Atlantic, with more than a million handsets involved in this recall event, according to TechRadar.

While just under 100 customers complained that their Galaxy Note 7 had suffered overheating issues, a further 81 reports of burns and property damage caused by the device prompted regulators to act quickly.

Owners have been advised to stop using their device straight away to avoid any of the potential risks associated with keeping it running or charging it via a mains adapter.

Analysts estimate that Samsung will be faced with a bill for £756 million as a result of the recall and replacement process. Customers can either get a new device with a safe battery or receive a full refund, depending on which they prefer.

This may damage Samsung’s reputation in the short term, but the desirability of its flagship devices, like the Galaxy S7, will surely allow it to come back stronger in 2017.

Rumours of Google Pixel smartphone range resurface

Google Pixel Phone
Google Pixel Phone?

While the Nexus nametag has served Google well for over half a decade, the search giant is soon set to branch out with the next generation of its own-brand handsets which ditch this moniker altogether.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL will, reportedly, be endowed with cutting edge hardware and could cost roughly the same as a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, according to Android Police. This bucks the trend for Nexus devices being competitively priced to win over people who feel that Apple charges too much for its flagship models.

A launch event for the Pixel range is pencilled in for early next month, with industry sources suggesting that a range of high end hardware will be on offer, including the latest Snapdragon 821 chipset, along with components designed to support virtual reality capabilities.

The one issue that Google may face if it decides to take on Apple directly with expensive smartphones is that this goes against the grain of its existing, value-conscious mobile brand. So convincing iPhone owners that the time has come to migrate to Android may be difficult, were it not for the fact that the iPhone 7 has suffered controversy in its own right.

iPhone 7 range gets bigger batteries

Apple iPhone 7While Apple is usually a little cagey about revealing the specific hardware details of its latest handsets, it does not take long for third parties to open up new handsets and spill the beans on the technical specs.

In the case of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, this has been performed by Chinese industry regulator, TENAA, enabling consumers to find out about the battery capacities of the two new mobiles before making a decision about upgrading.

The standard 4.7 inch iPhone 7 is reported to have a 1960mAh battery, according to BGR. Meanwhile the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus sports a bigger 2900mAh cell to keep its larger screen powered up for longer.

By comparison, last year’s iPhone 6S was equipped with a 1715mAh battery, with its big brother rocking a 2750mAh unit. So in theory, the battery life of the newcomers should outstrip the models they replace, as Apple itself has claimed.

The removal of the headphone jack may also have afforded Apple’s designers a little more space in the interior to offer a beefier battery without increasing the thickness of either device, making this sacrifice a little easier for users to bear.

iPhone 7 unleashed by Apple

Apple iPhone7
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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus made their debut last week, ushering in a new era for Apple’s flagship range and arriving at a time when its popularity is beginning to falter, or at least suffer from deferred consumer demand.

Screen sizes and resolutions remain the same for both handsets, with a 4.7 and 5.5 inch display on offer, respectively. Apple promises that imaging will be brighter and more richly colourful, which is a bonus.

Dig beneath the metal surface and there is a lot more of interest, including the latest A10 Fusion chipset which is significantly faster than its predecessor. Dual camera lenses sit on the back of the 7 Plus, while the smaller model sticks with a single 12 megapixel unit. An eight megapixel selfie snapper appears up front on both.

Apple has introduced waterproofing for the iPhone 7 range, with models able to sit in up to a metre of water for half an hour without being irreparably damaged. The controversial decision to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone socket that was rumoured prior to launch turned out to be accurate.

The iPhone 7 is, essentially, another iterative update to the range, rather than a serious step forward, meaning many people will wait for next year’s handset to upgrade.

UK release of Motorola Moto Z confirmed

motorola-motozThe Moto Z mobile may have been limited in availability to the US for the past couple of months, but now Motorola is selling the handset in the UK via its official website, for a little under £500.

This is a fairly steep asking price, but still allows the Moto Z to undercut key rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S7. And with plenty of impressive specifications to its name, Motorola’s flagship smartphone could capture the attention of British buyers.

Front and centre is a 5.5 inch screen with a QHD resolution, beneath which lurks a combination of a Snapdragon 820 processor and a healthy 4GB slice of RAM, according to Pocket Lint.

The Moto Z is incredibly thin, which is largely as a result of its modular design. Add-ons can be attached to expand its functions and there are a number of high-end peripherals on the cards, including a projector module, that will set buyers back an additional £250.

Those looking for an alternative to other top tier Android smartphones may want to consider giving the Moto Z a go, although the fact that it is only available SIM-free may put off those who want to avoid any upfront payment.