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Google set to expand Pixel brand

Google Pixel 3 XLA few more accessories bearing the official Google seal of approval are thought to be making their way to market late this year, coinciding with the introduction of the all new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL handsets.

Now sources quoted by 9to5Google suggest that the search giant may be planning to ship its latest smartphones with a product called the Pixel Stand included in the bundle.

This stand will effectively be a charging dock with functionality similar to that of the Echo speaker range from Amazon, or indeed Google’s own Home speaker.

The idea is that users will pop their Pixel 3 into the stand, allow it to charge while also having instant access to the Google Assistant service, without having to physically touch their phone to activate it.

It is also thought that the stand will be able to charge handsets wirelessly, hinting at a new feature coming to the Pixel 3 range that has not been found on earlier iterations of Google’s own brand devices.

There is still a lot to find out about the new Pixel phones, but the suggestion that the brand could be applied to peripherals and even other smart hardware is an intriguing one.

Galaxy Note 9 specifications revealed in leak

Galaxy Note 8The Galaxy Note 9 is set to launch later this week, but unfortunately for Samsung, the details of the new device’s hardware have emerged online ahead of the big event itself later today.

Tech Radar reports that the all-new flagship phablet will come with a huge 6.4 inch display that makes use of the latest Super AMOLED technology to produce vivid colours and an impressive pixel density.

Camera capabilities are improved, thanks to the presence of a dual lens primary unit, providing a 12 megapixel resolution and a multitude of apertures to help cope with different levels of lighting.

Up front, an eight megapixel camera will handle selfies, while 128GB of storage will provide plenty of room for all the images that users capture.

Other features mentioned in the leak include capacitive charging capabilities, a waterproof body and a pair of front-facing speakers in order to provide the Note 9 user with stereo sound.

A bigger battery is also on the cards, although Samsung is still attempting to restore its reputation after the Galaxy Note 7 suffered issues in this area two years ago. The Note 9 will be yet another landmark launch for the market leading South Korean manufacturer.

Samsung sets sights on gamer crowd with next smartphone

Industry sources suggest that South Korean mobile maker, Samsung, may be secretly developing a high end handset that targets fans of gaming, according to Tech Radar.

There are already a number of gamer-friendly smartphones on the market, including a high end offering from peripheral manufacturer, Razer. However these have generally been niche products and lack the brand recognition that Samsung can bring to the table.

Whether the alleged device will be sold as distinct from the Samsung Galaxy Range, or whether it will join this established family of smartphones, remains to be seen.

Of course the amount of power found under the skin of the Galaxy S9 and its flagship counterparts is already more than enough to plough through modern mobile games, so the need to create a separate device to win over fans of interactive entertainment is questionable.

There is also hope that Samsung’s next major move will not be towards gaming, but flexibility, with the oft-discussed Galaxy X speculated to be based around a foldable design.

Next year when the Galaxy S10 lands, it may scratch an itch for gamers as well as satisfying a wider audience. Rumours like this simply serve to keep the hype train chugging along in the interim.

Flexible smartphone from LG on the way

Samsung is not the only mobile maker to have its sights set on launching a phone that can be folded and flexed without breaking. Now LG looks ready to enter the fray, filing a patent for a foldable phone screen which surely indicates its intentions in this fledgling hardware market.

The patent, which was dug out by LetsGoDigital, includes images of a phone which is not flexible in its entirety, but rather has a hinged mid-section which allows the top half of the display to fold inwards a little.

This design harks back to the age of clamshell phones, so it is expected that the as yet unnamed device will indeed be capable of folding completely in half, rather than offering just a small degree of flexibility.

Samsung’s Galaxy X could well be the first fold-friendly phone to hit the market, so long as the South Korean firm can perfect the technology behind it. But with LG now racing to match it, and other companies like Huawei also in the running according to rumours, the competition is quickly intensifying and there is no clear way of working out whether these designs will even have mainstream appeal.

Galaxy S10 rumours appear well ahead of schedule

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has only been available for a short time, but its follow-up is already being discussed by industry sources, according to ETNews.

The most interesting snippet of information to surface this week is that the S10 brand will apparently come in three major variants when it lands in 2019.

The most basic of the bunch will come with a 5.8 inch screen and a standard, single lens camera configuration on the rear.

The mid-tier model will retain the same screen size, but will up the ante with dual cameras. The largest of the set will up the screen to a 6.2 inch unit and come with three cameras rather than just two.

More high end handsets, including those from Huawei, are adopting a trio of lenses in a cluster to help improve picture quality and enhance VR performance. It makes sense that Samsung will take a similar approach with the S10, which should be a market-leading model on paper.

In terms of whether or not this new flagship will be foldable, as has been rumoured for years, it looks as though the technology is not quite in place to make this achievable, but Samsung is still pursuing this intriguing design intent.