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Google promises better security with Android Nougat

Android NougatA deliciously-named new version of Android is on the way and Google has confirmed that it is working to make its latest software more intuitive and secure than ever, according to Engadget.

This is thanks to the fact that Android Nougat will provide users with a number of boot options if it detects any kind of corruption during the start-up process. Either a ‘safe mode’ can be launched to allow for problems to be addressed, or the restart can be aborted altogether.

The idea behind this precaution is that malware and viruses can often compromise Android smartphones by exploiting the underlying OS and wreaking havoc with the code, after covertly installing themselves on devices and taking control when a reboot occurs.

Rather than leaving users completely exposed, the new boot options will put users back in the driving seat, although observers have also pointed out that this will likely make it tougher for owners to carry out any legitimate tinkering under the surface of Android.

Android Nougat will be rolling out in the next few weeks and is currently in the hands of developers so that apps and other services can be prepared for its arrival.

Video comparison of iPhone 7 appears

Apple’s leaky production line offered up yet more pre-launch information about the upcoming iPhone 7 over the past few days, with its latest device being compared head to head with the current-generation iPhone 6S.

The clip (below), which appeared on YouTube via Chinese platform Weibo, shows that the headphone socket does appear to be missing from the new iPhone, with a speaker put in its place to improve the quality of out-loud audio playback.

A bigger camera lens on the iPhone 7 is also present, although aside from these details the shape and size of the device is very similar to that of its predecessor.

Insider rumours have previously suggested that Apple is planning to beef up the iPhone 7 with more RAM than ever, perhaps up to 3GB. And a suitably impressive processor upgrade is also on the cards, although this is something that occurs every year without fail.

The iPhone 7 is almost certainly going to arrive in September this year and while there were hopes of a major revolution in terms of design, this latest video suggests that Apple may well be making more of an iterative upgrade, leaving 2017’s iPhone 8 to be the true leap forwards.

YouTube Video below:

Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 7 launch date

Samsung Galaxy Note 7A major event is set to be held by Samsung on the 2nd of August, with the world’s media invited to attend the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 phablet.

Industry insiders had fuelled speculation about the next entry in the illustrious Note range being released earlier than usual and it seems that rumour-mongers were right all along.

The launch, which is taking place in New York, marks a shift in Samsung’s strategy which has previously involved using the IFA conference in Germany as a leaping off point for successive new Note handsets.

The precise specifications of the Note 7 remain unknown at this point, although it is assumed that it will sport the same Snapdragon 820 chipset as the existing Galaxy S7 mobile phone, along with the S-Pen stylus and the possibility of a curved display.

Sources have claimed that it will also come with an iris scanner, which will let users unlock the screen simply by looking at it. This is seen as the next evolution from fingerprint scanners, which have become prevalent in recent years.

All will be revealed on the 2nd of August, at which point the Galaxy Note 7 will appear as Samsung’s latest attempt to conquer the high end smartphone market.

Galaxy Note 7 power boost disputed

Samsung Galaxy Note 7While it was initially reported that Samsung would be making the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 phablet more powerful than the existing Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone, specifications for the device spotted online by TechRadar suggest that this is unlikely to be the case.

The Note 7 is listed as sporting a Snapdragon 820 chipset from Qualcomm along with a solid 4GB allocation of RAM, putting it in exactly the same niche as the S7 in terms of performance. This dispels earlier rumours that Samsung would instead be opting for the newer Snapdragon 823 solution, in combination with an additional 2GB of RAM.

Of course, it is worth remembering that Samsung will probably have found a way to squeeze a little more power and efficiency out of this existing setup, meaning that the Note 7 should feel slightly slicker than its smaller stable mate.

It is also sensible to take any smartphone specifications which appear before the official release with a pinch of salt, since while manufacturers like Samsung can be fairly prone to leaks, it is also just as likely that retailers and industry sources are overly eager to share fabricated information to win media coverage.

Sluggish LG G5 sales result in reshuffle

LG G5The LG G5 arrived earlier this year, bringing with it cutting edge technology and a stylish design which the manufacturer hoped would allow it to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 mobile phone range.

However, the LG G5 did not perform as well as LG had hoped in terms of sales, prompting the firm to oust some of its executives in order to realign its mobile arm and make more of an impact in 2017.

While the G5 has been something of a failure, it still managed to ship 2.2 million units over the course of the last three months. This fell below the three million figure that the company had projected, but is by no means a truly terrible amount.

What set the G5 apart from its peers upon release was its partially modular design, allowing enhanced components to be added via separate cases. And while this was seen as an innovation, it did not prove to be groundbreaking or beneficial enough to encourage more buyers to part ways with their cash.

The G6 is already in the pipeline and with new executives installed in positions vacated by their predecessors, LG may have a better shot at gaining commercial traction.