Cashback deal with O2 Sim Only

Sim Only300 minutes and 300 texts for just £14.68 per month with 02 SIM only, plus £15 cash back, equal to your first month’s line rental free.

With SIM only there’s no commitment as you’re on a 30 day rolling contract.  If you spot a better offer then you’re free to switch by giving 30 days notice.

If you want loads of minutes and texts for a small monthly cost then a SIM only deal will be your cheapest option. Just plug the SIM card into your existing mobile phone. If your phone is locked to a network then you will need to order a SIM only deal on that particular network. If your phone is unlocked you can use a SIM card from any network.

Other tariffs and networks are also available, starting at just £9.79 per month for 150 minutes and 300 texts.

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