HTC Touch Diamond 2 released

HTC Touch Diamond 2The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is now available!  With brilliant looks and intuitive controls it promisies to be as popular as the original Touch Diamond.

Currently only available as a SIM Free phone the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is unlocked so you can insert your own SIM card and carry on using your existing mobile number, great if you don’t want the commitment of a network contract.

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is a smartphone is a small phone with a big screen – HTC have stretched the screen to the maximum meaning that viewing videos, photos or websites is easy and enjoyable.

Another great new feature is the people-centered approach to your contacts lists… when looking at your contacts, you’ll see a history of your conversation in whatever form it took place so all your interactions are neatly laid out for viewing and follow-up.

Keep watching this space for more HTC Touch Diamond 2 contract deals.

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