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Nokia n97 deals on site now

Nokia n97The Nokia N97 is going to be one of the most wanted mobile phones in the coming weeks and months and we have all the launch deals on site now with stock of the Nokia n97 expected at the online retailers on 15th June.

The Nokia n97 is the first of the next generation of Nseries phones and has some impressive features:

  • 3.5 inch touch screen
  • Full QWERTY keyboard which slides out sideways – a first for a Nokia
  • Carl Zeiss Camera (5 megapixel)
  • 32GB internal memory – expandable to 48GB
  • GPS – comes with Nokia maps and geo-tagging
  • DVD quality video recording and editing – 30 frames per second recording
  • HSDPA (3G) for fast data (internet) connectivity
  • WiFi
  • Quad Band

The cheapest N97 launch deal in terms of minimum term cost (as of time of writing) is on Orange’s Dolphin 30 tariff which comes with 200 Anytime minutes, 500 texts and is only a 12 month contract.

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Nokia 5800 deals

Nokia 5800 dealsBuymobilephones have just reduced the prices of their Nokia 5800 deals and there are some even greater 5800 phone deals on this best selling phone with our pick of the Nokia 5800 deals below:

Free Nokia 5800 on T-Mobile
5 months FREE via cash back saving £73
100 minutes and 100 texts per month.

The Nokia 5800 phone itself is the most popular phone on our site again due to it’s cheap price and great features -a briliant 3.2 inch toucscreen, Carl Zeiss camera with a dual LED flash, accelerometer, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, FM radio and a TV out port as well as being a super fast 3G based phone.

For futher Nokia 5800 specifacitons and deals click on the following link:

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Samsung i8910 HD Deals

Samsung i8910 HDSamsung have just released the Samsung i8910 HD and there are some good phones deals on launch. Our pick of the Samsung i8910 deals are below:

Free Samsung i8910 HD on Orange
5 months half price via cash back saving £97.88
900 minutes and unlimited texts per month.

The Samsung i8910 phone itself is the most advanced video recoring phone available as it can record HD video at 720×480 resolution and 30 frames per second with it’s 8 Megapixel camera and then play them back on the huge 3.7 inch HD display.

For futher Samsung i8910 HD specifacitons and deals click on the following link:

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HTC Touch Diamond 2 released

HTC Touch Diamond 2The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is now available!  With brilliant looks and intuitive controls it promisies to be as popular as the original Touch Diamond.

Currently only available as a SIM Free phone the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is unlocked so you can insert your own SIM card and carry on using your existing mobile number, great if you don’t want the commitment of a network contract.

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is a smartphone is a small phone with a big screen – HTC have stretched the screen to the maximum meaning that viewing videos, photos or websites is easy and enjoyable.

Another great new feature is the people-centered approach to your contacts lists… when looking at your contacts, you’ll see a history of your conversation in whatever form it took place so all your interactions are neatly laid out for viewing and follow-up.

Keep watching this space for more HTC Touch Diamond 2 contract deals.

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LG Renoir Pink (kc910) released – review and deals online

LG renoir pinkThe LG Renoir Pink has just been released and you can currently get the LG Renoir in pink for free on a Orange 12 month contract!

This great LG Renoir pink launch deal is on the Dolphin 45 contract which not only ties you into a short term 12 month contract but it also comes with a massive 900 anytime minutes, 700 texts and 3 months FREE line rental via cashback.

The pink LG Renoir phone itself is an 8 megapixel cameraphone with a 3 inch touchscreen. It has a Schneider Kreuznach lens, xenon flash plus face, smile and blink detection. You can record video at up to 120 frames per second and it also has a TV out port. The LG Renoir pink is also a 3G phone which means you get video calling and HSDPA for quick internet surfing on the move.

Lastly the LG Renoir pink has Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth and GPS, a personal organiser, document viewer (PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel files), an advanced media player (feat Dolby sound), Xvid and DivX video file playback.

All in all the LG Renoir pink is a great, feature packed, multimedia touchscreen phone and in pink LG are surely onto a winnner with the sophisticated female mobile phone buyers in the UK.

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