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Pixel 2 gets photography upgrade

Pixel 2It is usually impossible for a smartphone to get upgraded significantly many months after its initial unveiling, but the Google Pixel 2 is a certified mould-breaker in this respect.

Photo loving users will be pleased to hear that the full capabilities of the phone’s camera have been unlocked for the first time this month, with a dedicated imaging chip going online via a software update.

The main benefit of this unleashed processor is that it will make pictures snapped within third party social media apps, including Instagram and Snapchat, look on a par with any other photo captured on the Pixel 2.

TechRadar reports that the market-leading imaging potential of Google’s current flagship handset have been pushed even further. Now perhaps unsurprisingly, a little machine learning is being used to optimise photos to new levels of fidelity.

Problematic lighting conditions which might once have caused dull images or over-exposure can be tackled by the Pixel Visual Core processor. New levels of detail can be tapped into by users and rival mobile manufacturers will need to work hard to better the features that are on offer here.

The rollout of the update that brings the chip to life will be ongoing over the course of February, so users without access at the moment need to be patient.

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UK release of Huawei P Smart confirmed

Huawei P SmartBritish smartphone fans can now get their hands on the new P Smart handset from Huawei, which is packed with high end features at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Front and centre is a 5.65 inch screen with an impressive 2160×1080 resolution. Above the display is an eight megapixel selfie snapper, while a pair of primary cameras on the rear offer up to 13 megapixels of detail.

The P Smart comes with the latest version of Android pre-installed and should feel slick and speedy to the touch thanks to the Kirin 658 processor which lies at its heart. Backed up by 3GB of RAM, most apps and games will run smoothly.

Storage tops out at 32GB, but there is a microSD card slot which makes expansion an option. There is even an integrated fingerprint scanner, found on the rear of the handset, which makes it easy to unlock without allowing others to access private info if it is stolen or left unattended.

Huawei is quickly establishing itself as the best alternative smartphone brand for people who do not want to pay sky high pri

Budget iPhone SE 2 rumours resurface

Apple is expected to release a follow-up to the affordable iPhone SE this year, with new industry murmurings hinting at some of its potential features, according to Pocket Lint.

Sources claim that the iPhone SE 2 will have a premium design that includes a glass-covered rear surface and possibly capacitive charging capabilities that will make it convenient to top up without the need for wires.

The latest flagship iPhone models, including the cutting edge X handset, feature wireless charging, so it is not out of the question that it might appear on a cheaper sibling.

There is still debate over whether Apple will stick with the compact four inch display dimensions for this newcomer, or whether it will go bigger, in an effort to make it more comparable with other mid-range models. Some argue that the home button will be eliminated altogether, making more room for a bigger screen without increasing the size of the handset itself.

The power level of the iPhone SE 2 is expected to be on a par with that of the iPhone 7, so while it will not be cutting edge in terms of performance, the strength of Apple’s brand should help catalyse sales.

Alcatel targets premium smartphone market with new handsets

Alcatel Mobile PhonesBudget mobile maker, Alcatel, is changing its tactics in 2018 and offering well-equipped models as part of the freshly announced 5 series.

From bodies fashioned from metal rather than plastic to exotic displays that have wider than average aspect ratios, this family of phones will push the envelope for a brand that is better known for bargain basement devices.

Most other mobiles have a 16:9 aspect ratio as dictated by the common 720p and 1080p resolutions, but the 5 series will use an 18:9 setup that will give users a bit more onscreen area to play with, as well as opening up new possibilities in terms of app design.

Cheaper Alcatel 3 and 1 series mobiles are also in the works for release this year, albeit with less impressive materials and components on offer.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the 5 series, aside from its design and display, will be the promised facial recognition capabilities. This will be doubled up with a fingerprint scanner on the rear to provide plenty of security and convenience for users who want to unlock their device quickly.

The manufacturer has yet to reveal pricing for any of its upcoming smartphones, but it is safe to expect that they will be competitive with similar devices.

Fleet of new Sony smartphones unveiled

Xperia XA2 UltraSony may not be the world’s most popular smartphone maker, but at CES 2018 it introduced a trio of fresh handsets that it hopes will up its impact this year.

With a six inch display, a metal exterior and a 23 megapixel camera, the Xperia XA2 Ultra is the technical frontrunner of the Sony newcomers. Even its front-facing cameras, of which there are two, pack impressive 16 and 8 megapixel resolutions apiece, endowing it with exceptional selfie-snapping potential.

The standard Xperia XA2 has a more compact 5.2 inch screen, a single front-facing camera and a solid 32GB of storage space onboard as standard. Colour options are plentiful, with standard black and silver joined by arresting blue and pink alternatives, according to Tech Radar.

Sitting somewhere in between its siblings in terms of size is the Xperia L2, which Sony endows with a 5.5 inch screen, a 13 megapixel primary camera and its very own fingerprint scanner, a feature shared across all three devices.

The L2 will be the first of the batch to arrive, followed by the two XA2 models, with some network providers set to get their own exclusive colour editions starting in the spring.

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