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First details of Huawei P10 emerge

HTC P10Huawei has moved from little known budget brand to mainstream success in the course of the past few years, with its flagship P series devices helping to prove that top tier specifications do not have to come with a daunting price tag.

In 2017, the P10 is set to arrive from this Chinese firm, with the latest reports suggesting it will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress event next month, according to Tech Radar.

Rumours surrounding the phone indicate that it will come with a curved display, following in the footsteps of the successful Galaxy Edge range from Samsung. It will also sport a fingerprint scanner mounted on the front.

The display may be 5.5 inches in size, a healthy increase over the 5.2 inch panel of the outgoing P9. And with a QHD resolution, it will also have a higher pixel count to make the most of this extra space.

With metal body, dual camera lenses on the rear and the possibility of wireless charging, the P10 will be every bit as technically impressive as its rivals set to arrive this year, but should also come in at a lower price point to drive home Huawei’s ethos of affordability.

High spec HTC 11 Ocean Note handset rumoured

HTC ViveA new smartphone from HTC, which is being developed under the codename ‘Ocean Note,’ has been detailed in leaks this week, according to Tech Radar.

Earlier reports have suggested that it will hit the market with the U Ultra moniker, hinting at the likelihood that it will sport a six inch display and a host of other top tier hardware, to help it compete with established rival devices from Samsung and Apple.

Leaked images suggest that the exterior of the phone could be coated in glass to give it a premium look and feel. It was also revealed that it will ditch the 3.5mm headphone socket, following in the footsteps of the iPhone 7, even if this frustrates users.

HTC has a raft of new mobiles on the way and they should be officially announced by the end of the month, so the wait for the Ocean Note’s arrival will not be a long one.

Interestingly, the fall in sales that HTC has seen hit its smartphone arm in recent years looks set to be counterbalanced by its rising prominence in the VR industry. Its Vive headset was reported this week to be outselling Facebook-owned Oculus hardware two to one, which could in turn bolster its mobile presence.

LG ditches modularity for incoming G6

LG G6Last year the LG G5 earned a lot of press attention due to the fact that it embraced some elements of modular design, meaning that extra hardware could be added relatively easily to help extend its lifespan. In 2017, however, the South Korean firm looks set to abandon this approach for the soon to be released G6.

This is according to an interview given to the Wall Street Journal by LG exec, Skott Ahn, in which he said that the sluggish sales of the modular G5 were enough to convince the company that this was not a selling point that actually appealed to consumers.

Modular mobiles are not dead in the water, with the likes of Motorola’s Moto Z and the Fairphone 2 still doing the rounds. But in terms of their presence in the mainstream marketplace, the new design approach for the G6 at least suggests that they will form a smaller niche.

The G6 itself is thought to feature a design that encompasses glass on the front and rear, ruling out expandability. It will also be packed with high end hardware, with a launch during the Mobile World Congress next month on the cards.

Honor 6X announced at CES 2017

honor 6xIn terms of budget mobiles, Honor from Huawei is the manufacturer that manages to best balance affordability against overall quality. And this week it is debuting the 6X at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, laying down the marketing groundwork for its eventual release.

With a 5.5 inch 1080p screen and a metallic chassis, it is a good looking handset that has a premium feel which belies its intended inexpensiveness. It has a Kirin 655 chipset and 3GB of RAM onboard, along with 32GB of storage space.

With a 3340mAh battery, the longevity of the 6X should be suitably impressive. And while it will arrive with Android 6 onboard, an update to bring 7 to the table will eventually follow.

British buyers can expect to spend just under £230 to get hold of this device, which prices it significantly below the premium levels seen for high end handsets with similar specifications.

Until full reviews are in, it is difficult to say whether or not this smartphone is worthy of investment, but on paper it has a lot going for it and Honor is continuing to build upon its already compelling reputation for value for money.


Budget devices from Wileyfox updated for unadulterated Android access

Wileyfox Swift 2 PlusThe wallet-friendly range of smartphones from emerging mobile maker, Wileyfox, represent great value for money but unlike other bargain basement handsets, they have so far relied upon the Cyanogen operating system to deliver the user experience.

However, with this OS falling by the wayside, the British manufacturer has announced that it is rolling out updates for all its affected mobiles to bring Android 7 Nougat to the table as a replacement.

This over the air update is a hefty 400MB in total, so it is worth downloading over a Wi-Fi connection to avoid eating into any data deal. And Wileyfox has maintained that users will have access to all the same services and features as before, albeit with an unaltered version of Android as the primary platform underpinning the entire experience.

Modes like the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus have received solid reviews from professionals and customers alike, while avoiding high price tags by opting for lower powered components. In spite of this, the design and build quality are both competitive and there is little evidence that these phones are built to a budget, at least when looking at the external elements.