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HTC updates U11 hardware


The HTC U11 is an impressive piece of kit in its original form, but now manufacturer, HTC, has decided to bulk up its specs even further with additional storage and RAM, according to Tech Radar.

The enhanced version comes with a full 128GB of space onboard, doubling the capacity of its precursor. Meanwhile RAM has been raised to 6GB, which should make it nippier than the first iteration of the U11, at least on paper.

Another advantage offered by the beefier U11 is that it will have twin SIM card slots across every colour variant, so business users will be able to get more out of it.

The rest of the components are essentially identical, with the Snapdragon 835 processor pounding away at the heart of the handset.

The cost of these upgrades means that buyers can expect to pay the best part of £700 for the SIM free version of the U11, but this added expense can be mitigated if it is procured as part of a pay monthly contract.

HTC has been chugging away in the background while its rivals take all the glory, but many critics see the U11 as a return to form for the Taiwanese firm.

Moto X4 info spilled online

Moto X4
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Motorola’s latest high end smartphone is no longer lurking under a veil of secrecy, after almost all of its most important details were made public via sources quoted by Android Authority and it’s now been released.

The Moto X4 has a 5.2 inch screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset, 3GB of RAM and enough storage to swallow 32GB of data before it is at capacity.

Disappointingly, customers in Asia will be getting a slightly more powerful version of the X4, with an extra gig of RAM and twice as much storage. However, the European model will still be a compelling option, priced at £349.

A pair of camera lenses on the back of the phone will deliver exceptional focus and panorama capabilities, while a 16 megapixel selfie camera above the screen will be one of the most impressive front-facing snappers around.

A bespoke fast charge system will allow the X4’s battery to be re-juiced in a jiffy and the design of the device will include different colour options ranging from plain black to eye-catching purple.

LG integrates interface updates for new V30 handset

LG V30The arrival of the LG V30 is just around the corner, but plenty of information about the phone has already been publicised to help drum up enthusiasm for its unveiling.

One element already in the public sphere is the interface design, which offers an improved experience over LG’s past offerings, paying particular attention to the dual-display setup that the V30 itself will embrace.

Always-on screen features include the ability to not just view time and date info in real time, but also add pictures, check up on notifications and control media playback.

Improved camera hardware has also led to new software being developed to harness the twin-lens potential, while still giving users the option to download additional photography apps if they wish.

LG is following in Samsung’s footsteps by embracing facial scanning to boost handset security, meaning that there is no need to rely on old fashioned passwords or even a fingerprint to unlock the display.

With a six inch AMOLED panel, the V30 will be a true phablet that is both big enough to bother the competition and designed to offer an intuitive user experience thanks to software updates.

Display domination tipped for iPhone 8 in new leaked image

iphone 8 screenAs it is the 10 year anniversary of the original iPhone’s arrival in 2017, most people are expecting Apple’s upcoming flagship phone to be somewhat special. A rendering of the device posted by EVLeaks this week suggests that it could live up to the hype, with the front surface of the phone dedicated entirely to a high resolution display.

This not only changes the look of the handset, but also means that the iPhone’s famous Home Button is likely to become extinct when the iPhone 8 launches in a few weeks.

Speculation about where the TouchID fingerprint scanner will be now that the Home Button is gone is rife, with some expecting it will end up on the rear. Facial recognition could even come in to replace it, although no official word on any of the technologies that the phone will feature has been forthcoming.

In terms of screen size, the almost bezel-less design means that the display should measure around 5.8 inches across the diagonal without the dimensions or weight of the iPhone increasing dramatically. If a September launch is confirmed, then it will not be long until all of these questions are answered.

First snap of Galaxy Note 8 leaked online

Galaxy Note 8After last year’s Galaxy Note 7 was plagued with technical issues and had to be recalled, many assumed that Samsung’s flagship phablet range was dead in the water. But it has since emerged that a Note 8 is indeed on the way, with its launch scheduled to take place later this month.

Fans were given their first look at the device earlier this week after VentureBeat published a leaked press shot which showcases the almost bezel-free curved display which dominates the front surface of the phone.

The Note 8 does away with physical buttons on the front, instead embracing the same Infinity Display hardware that was seen earlier this year on the Galaxy S8. There will still be the usual trio of lock, camera and volume buttons on the sides of the handset.

What remains to be seen is whether Samsung has learned any lessons from the Note 7 launch and fitted the follow-up with a battery that is large enough to power everything but not so sizeable that it leads to overheating and combustion issues. Another major recall would be an unmitigated disaster for the South Korean firm which is already on the ropes.