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Huawei promises imminent Honor 9 launch

Huawei Honor 9The high end Honor 9 handset has been unveiled, with Chinese manufacturer Huawei suggesting that it could go on sale before the end of the month.

The Honor 9 is set to offer 6GB of ram(!!!!!), a 5.15 inch 1080p display and similar internal hardware to that found onboard the existing Huawei P10, meaning it should be competitive with similar flagship devices from rival brands.

Rumours suggested that the Honor 9 would be following in the footsteps of the iPhone 7 and doing away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone socket however we are pleased to see Huawei have NOT done this and there is the standard headphone socket.

The European launch event for the Honor 9 is set to take place in Berlin on June the 27th, with insiders expecting that it will be available to buy in the UK shortly afterwards.

Huawei has carved out a reputation as offering impressive smartphones at affordable price points, undercutting the competition and never charging over the odds simply because of its brand. The Honor 9 will set out to continue this trend as summer arrives.

iOS 11 broadens Siri integration

More iPhone apps should be able to take advantage of voice controlled interactions via Siri following the rollout of Apple’s latest operating system, according to a Reuters report.

This is all thanks to a lifting on the restrictions which govern how and where Siri can be used by third party developers as part of the software packages they create. This should also lead to many more commands being made available, dramatically increasing the potential of this service and how vital it is to the iOS experience.

More information about how this will work in practice will be made public this week as Apple’s WWDC gets underway. And there is little doubt that one of the reasons that iOS 11 is bringing this change to the table is so that Apple is better equipped to compete with rivals to Siri, including Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Traditionally, Apple has been reluctant to open up its core iOS functions to third parties, instead preferring to keep strict control over how all of its devices operate. This is in direct opposition to Google’s open source approach.

However, in the age of intelligent voice controls, the Californian firm can no longer afford to be so shut off from outside influences.

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Motorola’s next premium handsets emerge

Motorola g5s
Motorola g5s

Motorola is set to introduce a pair of new smartphones in the near future, with the G5S and G5S Plus both set to boast all-metal exteriors to give them a high end feel, according to Android Authority.

The smaller G5S will have a 5.2 inch display with a full HD resolution, while the G5S Plus will come with a larger 5.5 inch panel that shares the same pixel count.

Insider sources suggest that these phones should also be quite powerful, with octa-core processors at their heart. Now leaked images show that they will also sport dual camera lenses on the rear surface, improving their photographic capabilities compared with the existing G5 range.

The good news is that although some manufacturers seem intent on killing off the traditional headphone socket, Motorola is not taking this route. There will also be a physical home button with a built-in finger print scanner for added security and convenience.

Although the G5S and G5S Plus seem to offer a good range of competiti

New Nokia phones landing this month

Nokia 6A trio of brand new Nokia-branded phones will be going on sale in the UK before the end of the month, according to an official tweet from the firm’s own account.

The cheapest of the bunch will be the Nokia 3, expected to cost around £115. It features a five inch screen, a quad core processor and 16GB of built-in storage, as well as an eight megapixel camera up front for super clear selfies.

The mid-range Nokia 5 will be priced from around £160 and has a larger 5.2 inch screen, a faster processor and a higher-res 13 megapixel camera on the rear. There is even a built-in fingerprint scanner on this model.

The Nokia 6 will be the most expensive and powerful of the new range, costing almost £200 and sporting a 5.5 inch 1080p display, a healthy 3GB dose of RAM and a 16 megapixel primary camera to appeal to photography fans.

Designed and manufactured by HMD Global, with Nokia’s brand licensed from the once market-dominating Finnish firm, these competitively priced new devices could seriously shake up the market when they touch down in late June. And with Android onboard rather than Windows Mobile they should offer a wider appeal.

Apple plans 5G networking trials

Apple 3D TouchMobile connectivity has become gradually faster over the years, with 4G representing the current pinnacle in terms of performance. But now iPhone maker Apple has become the latest company to throw its hat into the ring and apply to test out fifth generation networking technology, according to Business Insider.

The bad news is that this trial scheme will take at least 12 months to complete, which means that this year’s crop of new iPhone handsets will not benefit from any of the technology.

There are debates over exactly what Apple hopes to achieve with its testing of the 28GHz and 39GHz segments of the wireless spectrum in its native California. Some observers argue that it is aiming to improve download speeds on its handsets, while others suspect that some other form of communication is being developed separate to its mobile efforts.

This year it is thought that up to three new iPhones could emerge, marking the 10th anniversary since the original model was introduced. They will not offer 5G capabilities as no network provider currently offers this technology, but they should push technological boundaries in other areas, with rumours of curved OLED displays being at the top of the watch list at the moment.