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Revamped Note 7 inbound

Samsung Note 7While the Galaxy Note 7 looked like it was dead and buried following its catastrophic launch last year, Samsung is now in the process of soaking up some of the damage done by this handset. Now the main solution it has found is to refurbish the recalled devices and resell them after some fairly hefty modifications have been made.

As expected the biggest change is the battery, which is a 3200mAh cell and thus quite a bit smaller than the model used when the Note 7 originally hit the market. The fires and explosions suffered by the previous battery should now be a thing of the past.

Images published on Tech Radar show that the new Note 7 will come with Android Nougat onboard, which also means that the software will be up to date and benefit from the latest features of Google’s OS.

Whether or not the refurbished Note 7 models will be sold in the UK remains to be seen, although it seems more likely that Samsung will instead target the device at developing countries, to escape a lot of the poor coverage that it received in the west as it tries to rebuild its global reputation.

Summer launch for Nokia 9 rumoured

Nokia LogoSources quoted by Nokia Power User have suggested that the Finnish brand’s upcoming flagship smartphone, known simply as the 9, will be unmasked in late July or the first few days of August this year.

Its retail release may not occur for a month after this point, but it seems more and more likely that the 9 will touch down before the end of 2017 and mark the high point of Nokia’s release schedule, at least from a technical perspective.

Insiders have claimed that the Nokia 9 will come packed with the cutting edge Snapdragon 835 chipset, along with 6GB of RAM, a 5.5 inch display with a QHD resolution and a beefy 3800mAh battery.

Photography capabilities should be impressive, with a dual lens primary camera setup that can snap 22 megapixel images expected. There will also be a pair of biometric scanners built in, one which handles fingerprint while the other can read the unique form of a user’s iris.

By contrast with the mid range models that have already been announced, the Nokia 9 looks like a true attempt to take on market leaders like the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Whether it will succeed commercially is yet to be determined.

Curved iPhone rumours intensify

iPhone 7 RedApple looks more than likely to introduce an iPhone with a curved display in the near future, with sources quoted by Tech Radar reporting this week that the US firm has signed up to receive 70 million screens of this kind from South Korean rival, Samsung.

Samsung has already perfected the curved screen smartphone, with its Galaxy Edge models introducing the concept to consumers and the new Galaxy S8 going all-in with a display that spills over the edges of the device.

The iPhone 8 looks set to sport a Super AMOLED screen with very similar capabilities, reportedly measuring 5.2 inches across the diagonal. Some earlier murmurings from within the mobile industry had hinted at a bigger screen, but this may suggest that the iPhone 8 Plus will follow suit with its more compact sibling.

Whether or not the iPhone with a curved screen arrives in 2017 is up for debate, as observers argue that this order with Samsung will take a little longer to fulfil. That could mean that 2018 is the intended launch window for the handset which, in turn, implies that the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will be more familiar in terms of design.

Galaxy S8 range launched by Samsung

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have been unveiled in the past week by Samsung, a mobile maker that is in the process of repairing the reputational damage done by the battery issued that afflicted last year’s Note 7.

The base model S8 has a 5.8 inch Infinity Display, which is much larger than has been seen on earlier models. This has pushed the S8 Plus to an even bigger size bracket, as it packs a whopping 6.2 inch screen that feels truly expansive.

Both models come equipped with either a Snapdragon 835 chipset or the latest Exynos processor from Samsung itself, depending on the region in which they are launched. And the 3000mAh battery of the S8 is smaller than the 3500mAh cell of its big brother, as is to be expected.

The curved exteriors and almost bezel-free screens are eminently impressive, showing that Samsung has shifted towards a design ethos which was previously limited only to its Edge-branded handsets.

The only question is whether or not the S8 Plus is even a necessity given that the more affordable S8 is almost as big and should prove to offer more than enough room for the average user.

Squeezable smartphone inbound from HTC

HTC UThe upcoming HTC U could reportedly feature a new type of interface which enables people to interact with their handset by squeezing it, according to VentureBeat.

Industry leaker, Evan Blass, provided this inside information on the soon to be announced flagship, which will apparently make use of touch sensors built into its body to allow inputs to be made.

This fits in with earlier leaks which referred to the ‘Sense Touch’ system being developed by the Taiwanese manufacturer, moving towards an age when physical buttons of all types are entirely eliminated from smartphones.

Even with some modern devices doing away with the home button and front-mounted physical inputs, the sides of most smartphones still feature things like volume rockers and power buttons. By adding touch sensitivity instead, it could be possible for the HTC U to have a much cleaner design by comparison with its rivals.

This is a fairly minor innovation, but one which could be influential if it proves to be true. The HTC U is expected to sport a 5.5 inch screen, the latest Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and an impressive set of cameras to give it excellent photographic capabilities in an already snap-happy market.