Samsung Galaxy S III white Deals on site now

Samsung Galaxy S III White
Samsung Galaxy S III White Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S IIIĀ  in black is our current best selling mobile phone and the new white version looks to be as big a hit on it’s release. The cheapest 5 deals are below but you can compare all deals here: Samsung Galaxy SIII White Deals

Retaining a similar size to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S III White mobile phone runs Android 4.0 and boasts a 4.8 inch Super Amoled display. The user experience is excellent and as long as you keep looking at the phone the display will stay bright. The next cool feature is Direct Call, lifting the phone to your ear whilst you are texting and the phone will automatically call your friend.

If you have been away from the phone and missed a call or incoming message then the Galaxy S III knows and will give you a nudge by vibrating. Voice activated commands are also present and you can even use these to take a picture on the impressive 8 megapixel camera that can take a burst of 8 images to allow you to choose the perfect shot every time.

The remaining spec doesn’t disappoint either, the Galaxy S III has a front facing 1.9 megapixel camera for video calls, Wi-Fi, quad band 3G, social network Integration and Swype text input.

Sorry - we dont have any deals for the samsung galaxy s iii white phone currently

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