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Huawei promises imminent Honor 9 launch

Huawei Honor 9The high end Honor 9 handset has been unveiled, with Chinese manufacturer Huawei suggesting that it could go on sale before the end of the month.

The Honor 9 is set to offer 6GB of ram(!!!!!), a 5.15 inch 1080p display and similar internal hardware to that found onboard the existing Huawei P10, meaning it should be competitive with similar flagship devices from rival brands.

Rumours suggested that the Honor 9 would be following in the footsteps of the iPhone 7 and doing away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone socket however we are pleased to see Huawei have NOT done this and there is the standard headphone socket.

The European launch event for the Honor 9 is set to take place in Berlin on June the 27th, with insiders expecting that it will be available to buy in the UK shortly afterwards.

Huawei has carved out a reputation as offering impressive smartphones at affordable price points, undercutting the competition and never charging over the odds simply because of its brand. The Honor 9 will set out to continue this trend as summer arrives.

Honor 6X announced at CES 2017

honor 6xIn terms of budget mobiles, Honor from Huawei is the manufacturer that manages to best balance affordability against overall quality. And this week it is debuting the 6X at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, laying down the marketing groundwork for its eventual release.

With a 5.5 inch 1080p screen and a metallic chassis, it is a good looking handset that has a premium feel which belies its intended inexpensiveness. It has a Kirin 655 chipset and 3GB of RAM onboard, along with 32GB of storage space.

With a 3340mAh battery, the longevity of the 6X should be suitably impressive. And while it will arrive with Android 6 onboard, an update to bring 7 to the table will eventually follow.

British buyers can expect to spend just under £230 to get hold of this device, which prices it significantly below the premium levels seen for high end handsets with similar specifications.

Until full reviews are in, it is difficult to say whether or not this smartphone is worthy of investment, but on paper it has a lot going for it and Honor is continuing to build upon its already compelling reputation for value for money.


Huawei introduces curved smartphone

Honor Magic
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Chinese mobile maker, Huawei, has beaten Apple to the punch by debuting a smartphone with a curved display long before the rumoured iPhone 8 arrives with allegedly similar features, according to Tech Radar.

Known as the Honor Magic, this high end handset is also very similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Edge range of devices thanks to the fact that its 5.09 inch display curves around both sides, rather than being entirely flat.

Power is provided courtesy of the Kirin 950 processor, which has eight physical cores and is backed up by 4GB of RAM. Internal storage tops out at 64GB, which is more than enough for most modern users.

The battery should be able to hit 70 per cent of its capacity after just 20 minutes plugged into a mains connection thanks to a fast charging solution that Huawei has adopted. It also has face detection to allow for automatic unlocking, along with the latest version of Android for ample access to apps.

The Huawei Honor Magic has yet to receive a UK release date, but if it proves to be a success in China then a wider launch may well be on the cards. And with a curved iPhone set to arrive in 2017, this is a trend that is spreading.

Huawei will make curved displays more affordable

Huwaei-Mate-S2So far the only smartphones to feature curved displays have been high end models like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, meaning that most people are still using devices with flat screens due to their more affordable nature.

However, Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, is reportedly working on a handset called the Mate S2, which will feature a curved display at a far more accessible price point, according to Pocket Lint.

Sources suggest that the display will not echo the edge-based curves of Samsung’s phones, but will instead take a different approach to flexibility. Quite what that will involve remains a mystery, but the implications are that it will push the boundaries of display technology further than ever before.

The Mate S2 will be the successor to 2015’s Mate S, which was Huawei’s first full attempt at building a flagship device to compete with high flyers from Samsung and Apple.

The pricing of the Mate S2 is likely to be lower than that of its competitors, but it will still likely sit at the upper end of the market as a whole, even with Huawei’s penchant for building budget-oriented devices for buyers in the UK and globally.

Huawei outlines ambitions for smartphone dominance

Huawei Honor 6Although it is a relatively recent arrival on the mobile marketplace, Huawei has made quite an impact in the past few years. And now the Chinese firm is planning to increase its prominence, with chief exec, Richard Yu, claiming that it could outdo Apple or Samsung in terms of handset sales by 2018.

Yu was giving a talk at this month’s Consumer Electronics Expo in Las Vegas when he pointed out that Huawei is already the world’s third biggest mobile maker, accommodating 9.7 per cent of the market in 2015 behind Apple’s 11.8 per cent and Samsung’s 28.3 per cent.

Of course, Apple has achieved its prominent position purely through the sales of its iPhone range, while Samsung and indeed Huawei offer a wide variety of devices across many price points. So, ultimately, it looks like Apple will be the first to fall to Huawei’s expansion plans, with Samsung set to be a harder nut to crack.

Yu also pointed out that awareness of Huawei as a brand was blossoming, up from 3 per cent in 2011 to 76 per cent today. And with brand awareness comes a willingness to buy products from companies, which is something this firm will be exploiting in 2016.