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Nokia to revive the legendary 3310 mobile

Although it has been more than a decade and a half since the Nokia 3310 first hit the market, it remains one of the most iconic and commercially successful mobile handsets in history. This week the Finnish manufacturer announced that it will be reviving it for the modern era, according to the Guardian.

In terms of pricing, the reissued 3310 will go on sale for around £60, which suggests that it could well feature fairly basic hardware. But the extent to which it will mirror the features of its predecessor or strike out on its own remains to be seen.

Nokia will presumably need to update the internals to cope with the new types of networking that have emerged in the years since the 3310 was discontinued. However, fans of the device will no doubt be hopeful that the retro user interface remains intact.

While much of the response to this news has been positive, there are also plenty of sceptical voices adding to the conversation on social media. Some believe that while this quirky move could gain some momentum for Nokia in the short term, the realities of the smartphone-centric world will be too much for the 3310 in the long term.

Nokia plans return to mobile market

Nokia LogoThe first new Nokia phones since the Finnish brand was discontinued by Microsoft are set to hit the market next year, with insiders expecting to see a pair of high end Android-powered devices arriving at Mobile World Congress 2017 ahead of a Q2 release.

Nokia itself is not going to be manufacturing the handsets but has, instead, sold the rights to build smartphones bearing its brand to fellow Finnish firm, HMD. Furthermore, with a marketing budget of close to half a billion pounds signed off, the return of Nokia-badged phones will be heralded far and wide.

The technical specs of the expected flagship devices remain a mystery, but they should run the latest version of Android and feature components that are powerful enough to make them competitive with other front-running phones, according to the Telegraph.

Nokia’s deal with HMD is set to last for at least a decade, showing that both firms have long term ambitions. And while Nokia struggled to find its footing in the wake of the arrival of the modern smartphone age, it still has an excellent brand reputation and strong identity which should stand it in good stead for its return to the fray.

New Nokia devices rumoured

Nokia LogoWhile Microsoft may have retired the Nokia brand from the mobile market, it looks as though the Finnish firm is preparing to make a comeback before the end of 2016, with as many as four fresh mobiles and tablets apparently in the works.

Android Authority reports that an executive representing Nokia in China has confirmed that it is indeed in the process of developing multiple smartphones, with the intention to launch them in the last few months of the year.

In spite of Nokia’s previous support for Windows Phone, it seems that the gradual decline of Microsoft’s mobile platform has motivated it to instead pick Android as the OS of choice for its upcoming devices.

What makes this news even more interesting is the suggestion that Nokia will not be handling the manufacturing itself, but will instead be outsourcing this to a firm called HMD.

At least two of the new phones will sit at the upper end of the market in terms of specifications, with the promise of QHD screen resolutions, octa-core processors and high pixel count cameras all circulating on the rumour mill.

Nokia still holds some clout as a brand, so its return to the fray is not particularly surprising. Whether or not it will stay afloat this time around is another question.

Nokia brand revived for Android phone

Nokia LogoAlthough Nokia may have been killed off as a mobile manufacturing brand by Microsoft after its takeover, it seems that fans may not have seen the last ever Nokia handset to hit the market after all.

This is according to Nokia’s top representative in China, who claimed that the firm will be harnessing the factories that it owns in the area, to produce smartphones running Android next year, according to TechRadar.

Nokia has already dabbled with Android devices in the past and so it would not be unreasonable to assume that it is capable of creating budget-oriented handsets running this operating system, perhaps with emerging markets in mind.

And while Nokia itself has neither confirmed nor denied these assertions by one of its presidents, it seems like a statement made from someone so high up the chain of command should be given quite a lot of credence.

The Lumia brand lives on with Microsoft’s name tag attached and there are still models like the Nokia Lumia 830 on the market, for those who want to see what the company was capable of achieving when working with Windows Phone 8, rather than Google’s Android OS.

Nokia dies so Lumia can live



Microsoft has confirmed speculation and announced that the Nokia brand is being killed off in the smartphone market, with the standalone Lumia nametag taking its place.

In the near future, the Microsoft Lumia range will be the talk of the town, with the Nokia moniker being relegated to relate only to the networking and mapping side of things, according to The Verge.

Nokia was once the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, but the rise of modern smartphones initiated by Apple back in 2007, saw it slip into irrelevance in the eyes of consumers. Microsoft snapped up the company last year and the threat of the brand being retired has loomed large ever since.

Other sources suggest that Nokia is not the only brand that Microsoft is tossing aside, as it attempts to restructure its position in the mobile market. Windows Phone could also be axed, although there will continue to be a Windows presence on smartphones.

The recently announced Windows 10 platform is set to appear on mobiles, tablets and desktop PCs, so perhaps Microsoft is moving towards a more cohesive approach to branding, in addition to making changes to how it builds operating systems.