Mobile Checker has been online since 2005 and our main priority still is to give YOU the most up to date deals on the latest mobile phones and provide as much advice about these deals as we can.

We have collated some Frequently Asked Questions that we have had over the years below but if we’ve not managed to answer your question please let us know here and we will add it to this page for other anxious shoppers! Alternatively if you would like to contact us regarding any aspect of the site please use the same link above.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Mobile Checker?

Mobile Checker was set up as a free, independent and impartial web comparison service for people looking to buy a new mobile phone but unaware of some of the brilliant offers that are available exclusively online. We run the site as a free service and get a small amount of commission based on each sale that originates from this site so please remember to check before making your online purchase to enable us to continue and expand the site further.

How do I know I am getting the best deal?

Mobile Checker has a team of dedicated staff that compares over 1,000,000 mobile phone deals from leading web sites in the UK daily so you don’t have to! We are impartial – we will never try to sell you any particular phone or push certain retailers products – we just want you to find the best deals!

What does Mobile Checker get out of it?

Mobile Checker get a small amount of commission per phone sale that originates from our site – this is the same regardless of the online retailer your purchase comes from (so we are not bias in any way).

This site is only possible due to people like you using our site so if you value the free and impartial service we provide then remember to click to the deal you choose from our site and tell friends and family to help us expand the site.

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