100 million Galaxy S handsets sold

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has announced that its Galaxy S family, which first began life in 2010, has now sold over 100 million units internationally.

That is an impressive landmark by any standards, but all the more significant when you consider that this figure refers not to affordable feature phones, but top of the line smartphones, costing several hundred pounds apiece.

Forty per cent of total sales are attributed to 2011’s Galaxy S2, which remains a popular choice and can still tango with the best of them, thanks to its dual core processor and 4.3 inch display.

Meanwhile, the current Galaxy S3 is likely to become even more popular than its predecessors, with average daily sales reaching 190,000 units.

Expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch later this spring, since it sadly missed out on a CES 2013 announcement. Current rumours suggest that it will have a 4.99 inch Super AMOLED display, with a 1080p full HD resolution.

Samsung is quickly becoming the king of the smartphone market, with almost every single one of its rivals feeling the pinch in the wake of its success. Even Apple’s iPhone 5 is not selling as well as expected, which paves the way for further Galaxy S-based dominance.

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