1080p video streaming comes to iPhone 6 Plus via Netflix

Netflix LogoVideo streaming service, Netflix, has just released a new update for its iOS app which lets users watch movies and TV shows in 1080p full HD. And while previous generations of Apple’s handsets would not have packed enough pixels to take advantage of this capability, the arrival of the iPhone 6 Plus in September has finally made the update worthwhile.

You will, of course, need both an iPhone 6 Plus and a Netflix subscription, as well as version 7.0 of the app, to get the benefits of 1080p. And it is worth streaming at this quality over a Wi-Fi connection, as using your network provider’s coverage could result in hefty data charges for this kind of activity.

While the iPhone range has just got its first 1080p handset, Android users are already experiencing QHD resolutions on phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. There may even be 4K Ultra HD handsets around in a year or so, which will leave Apple playing catch-up once more.

Those without Netflix subscriptions can always turn to YouTube to get their 1080p fix on the iPhone 6 Plus, or settle for 720p on the smaller iPhone 6.

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