2GHz dual core mobiles launching in 2012

Samsung Dual Core Processor

South Korean manufacturer Samsung has said that smartphone fans may have less than a year to wait for the first mobiles running dual core processors clocked at 2GHz as it foresees 2012 as being a key period for the development of such technology.

A report in the Maeli Business Newspaper quotes an unnamed source from within the firm as saying that two physical cores running at 2GHz apiece will be found in future mobiles.

There is already a chip from ARM which can handle this type of power and it is thought that Samsung will be basing the design of its own 2GHz dual core mobile chip on the blueprints of this.

The best news to come out of this report is that Samsung will be licensing the dual core chips it produces out to other manufacturers, allowing for a wealth of powerhouse handsets to arrive next year.

The first dual core phones clocked at 1GHz are already on the market, with HTC and Samsung upping the stakes with 1.2GHz chips in the Sensation and Galaxy S2 respectively. If specs continue to race ahead at this rate a 2GHz phone must surely be on the cards in 2012.

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