3 Ways to be a more powerful Mobile Phone Customer

Mobile Checker in Metro NewspaperIf you are in the UK and near a bus, or train or other busy place then make sure you check out our 3 Ways to be a more powerful Mobile Phone Customer in ‘The Week Ahead’ column on page 30 of the Metro newspaper today with the original tips below 🙂

  1. Before looking for a new mobile deal make sure you know exactly how many minutes, texts and internet data you use each month by quickly checking your bills or top ups from the last 12 months paying close attention to times you went over your inclusive allowances. Armed with accurate average usage details you will be able to quickly shortlist the deals that actually meet YOUR needs rather than the mobile phone network’s!
  2. Decide if you really need the latest mobile phone or whether you could make do with your current phone and just change your mobile phone tariff. There are lots of SIM only deals available which work out cheaper when the mobile networks are not having to factor in the cost of giving you the latest handset for ‘free’ in your monthly line rental price.
  3. Use www.mobilechecker.co.uk to quickly narrow down either new handset + tariff deals or just new SIM only style deals. There are over 1 million different contracts that such web sites track and compare daily giving you an invaluable tool to make sure you get the right deal no matter how much or little you use your mobile phone

Andy Symonds, the founder of www.mobilechecker.co.uk is also quoted within the article discussing 3’s planned deal to purchase O2 in the UK:

The danger with these big corporate deals is cost savings don’t get passed on to UK customers, and the broad range of tariff choices UK customers have enjoyed for may years could be negatively affected.



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