£30 limit imposed on Apple Pay transactions

Apple Pay UKApple customers in the UK who want to use their compatible iPhone such as the iPhone 6 to make a contactless payment can now carry out transactions worth up to £30, thanks to an increase in the limit imposed this week.

Initially, it was only possible to use Apple Pay for transactions of up to £20 at a time, but the new higher ceiling should make it a much more convenient feature for those who are happy to pull their phone out of their pocket when they get to the till, rather than reaching for their wallet.

The limit is in place to cut the instances of fraud occurring, which is why Apple Pay customers will also only be able to carry out three transactions in any 24 hour period using the service.

There are tens of thousands of compatible contactless terminals with which Apple Pay can be used. And as well as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus offering NFC capabilities, the same will be true of the next flight of flagship devices which are set to be launched by Apple later this month.

Meanwhile, Android users will be getting their own Android Pay service before the end of 2015, with the transaction limit also thought to be £30, according to TechRadar.