48 megapixel camera rumoured for Galaxy S10

Samsung may include a super high resolution camera sensor with its next flagship Galaxy handset, following the news that it has begun making this type of tech in-house.

Both a 32 megapixel and a 48 megapixel sensor were revealed as part of the Isocell range, giving the South Korean giant the ability to go head to head with its Japanese rival Sony.

The sensors are apparently well suited to the multi-lens cameras that many manufacturers are adding to their smartphones at the moment.

Another advantage of the sensors is that their small pixels can join forces and act in unison, giving improved low light performance at lower resolution settings.

Samsung is planning to put the sensors into production before the end of the year, so it is anticipated that the Galaxy S10 might come with one onboard when it touches down in the first half of 2019.

Samsung’s dominance of the mobile market is already impressive given the amount of hardware it produces for rivals, but this new move could further solidify its position and make it harder for others to compete without relying on Samsung-made components to construct their flagship mobile phones.

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