5G compatible iPhone set for 2020 release

Apple iPhone XS
Apple iPhone XS

For many people the availability of 4G network coverage is essential in order to unlock the full potential of their smartphone while out and about. With faster 5G speeds just around the corner, a new generation of handsets will soon arrive to take advantage and Apple is likely to lead the charge with a future iPhone handset.

AppleInsider reports that fans of the iPhone range will need to wait until 2020 in order to get their hands on the first 5G device from this manufacturer, which may actually put it slightly behind rivals like Samsung and Sony.

In terms of the performance that 5G can offer, it is theoretically capable of hitting download speeds of 10Gbps. At the moment 4G can max out at around 100Mbps, so this is a fairly massive leap forwards.

With significantly speedier network access, future generations of the iPhone should be able to do a lot more online, with seamless services accessible and things like app streaming, AR and VR all easier to achieve.

Of course the rollout of 5G will take years to complete, so most people will own a compatible phone before they can even access it in their are

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