Acer Liquid E2 gets May launch date

Acer Liquid E2

Acer is set to debut its Liquid E2 smartphone next month, with a European release confirmed this week.

The Liquid E2 has a number of moderately impressive vital statistics, including a quad core processor and a 4.5 inch display, with a 430×960 resolution.

Although this is definitely a mid range handset, it does include an eight megapixel camera with 1080p video capture, along with all the connectivity solutions you could ask for on a modern device.

In terms of pricing, it is expected that the Acer Liquid E2 will sell for around  200 in the UK, which is very reasonable for a phone of this calibre.

Like the HTC One, it will have two speakers built into the front face, rather than the rear or the base, which should give users a better audio playback experience, particularly while watching video content.

Acer is planning to get the Liquid E2 out to European customers by the middle of May, although at the moment, it has not been able to give a specific day for the phone’s arrival. Anyone who wants a powerful, affordable Android handset with that all-important quad core processor, will definitely find it appealing.

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