Acer Liquid Z2 appears

acer liquid z2
Acer Liquid Z2

Acer has confirmed the existence of a new smartphone known as the Liquid Z2, revealing it just ahead of the Mobile World Congress event, being held in Barcelona next week.

The Liquid Z2 is not a high end handset, but rather an affordable Android Jelly Bean proposition, with hardware including a 3.5 inch display, five megapixel camera and just 512MB of RAM.

In addition, Acer also gave the first details on its Liquid E1 smartphone, which will be a more powerful alternative to the Z2.

This time you get a 4.5 inch display, dual core processor and 1GB of RAM. While the screen may not be equipped with a 720p resolution, it should give users plenty of room to manoeuvre.

For those on a budget, the Z2 could be a very appealing proposition, since Acer is apparently going to be selling it for under  100.

Meanwhile, the E1 will be a little costlier, with prices expected to range between  174 and  260, according to Engadget.

The world’s media will get to play with these new additions to the Liquid range during MWC, so there should be some first impressions online to help consumers work out whether either will be a suitable upgrade.

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