Acer unveils world’s cheapest Windows Phone handset

Acer Liquid M220The Acer Liquid M220 was put on show at last week’s MWC 2015 conference, turning heads thanks to its bargain price, combined with the Windows Phone 8 operating system. But as the cheapest handset to run Microsoft’s platform, what else does it have to offer?

At a fraction under £70, the M220 is right at the bottom of the market in terms of upfront cost. And it comes with a four inch 800×480 screen, a 1.2GHz dual core CPU and half a gigabyte of RAM.

In all, this is moderately impressive for a mobile that will probably not be used to handle especially arduous tasks. And even the small 1300mAh battery will be able to keep this running for a full day.

There is only 1.4GB of storage space available to the user of the total 4GB onboard allocation, although with a microSD card slot, it is easy to expand this and overcome the issue.

An elegant and simple exterior design, matched with appropriate specifications and a low price point, make the Acer Liquid M220 an intriguing new entry to the budget smartphone market, that can truly take on Android powered rival devices.

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