Affordable LG smartphones announced

LG X CamLG headed to MWC 2016 this week and it has announced a number of new devices in Barcelona.

The first is known as the LG X Cam, a mid range smartphone, which boasts a 5.2 inch display and a pair of cameras mounted on the rear. It sports a curved panel on the front to give it a more rounded look, perhaps in an attempt to earn comparisons to the Samsung Galaxy Edge range.

The second is the X Screen, which has a 4.93 inch primary display and a secondary 1.76 inch secondary display, the latter of which is permanently enabled. This means that users can get access to notifications and app shortcuts at a glance, all without having to unlock the main screen.

These two devices seem fairly quirky and are perhaps a suggestion that LG is looking to win over smaller pockets of customers, in a market that has become incredibly difficult to crack in recent years.