Affordable Moto C phones inbound

Moto C
Photo Credit: Evan Blass / Twitter

Although high end Motorola mobiles like the Moto Z may be more glamorous, the promise of new budget-conscious models is still enough to garner the attentions of buyers looking to save money.

The Moto C range will consist of two handsets, both of which come equipped with five inch screens and memory card slots, according to Venture Beat.

The standard Moto C will feature a sub-HD screen resolution of 854×480, which should still make its five inch panel look moderately crisp. Meanwhile, the Moto C Plus will have the same display size, but will up the pixel count to 1280×720 for added clarity.

Other differences come in the battery department, with the basic Moto C making do with a 2350mAh cell while its big brother bumps this up to an impressive 4000mAh.

It is interesting to see the Moto C range adopting the ‘Plus’ moniker without using this to relate to any kind of display size increase. The good news is that all signs point to these phones being priced at under £100, meaning that they should have the specs to outshine other budget devices while still falling into roughly the same bracket in terms of cost.