Affordable Nexus phone specs leak

Huawei-Nexus-6PInformation about an own-brand Google device being developed under the name of the Nexus Sailfish has emerged this week via EV Leaks, with the suggestion being that this device will launch alongside the Nexus Marlin in the next two or three months.

A file procured by insiders shows that it will come with a 5.2 inch 1080p display and a Snapdragon 820 chipset, meaning it will be as powerful as current market frontrunners, but will likely be cheaper than full flagships, thanks to its compact, sub-QHD screen.

A fingerprint scanner is also on the cards, meaning that the Sailfish will be even more secure when used in combination with the Android Pay service.

The larger size of the Marlin, which will replace last year’s Nexus 5X, is seen as indicating that it will bump up the display resolution above that of its sibling. But official details have yet to be published and Google is unlikely to talk about these smartphones openly until at least September this year.

Taiwanese firm HTC is expected to be behind the manufacture of the latest Nexus handsets, although rumours from earlier this year suggest that Google is gearing up to truly go it alone and design a new generation of device internally, from the ground up.