Alcatel targets premium smartphone market with new handsets

Alcatel Mobile PhonesBudget mobile maker, Alcatel, is changing its tactics in 2018 and offering well-equipped models as part of the freshly announced 5 series.

From bodies fashioned from metal rather than plastic to exotic displays that have wider than average aspect ratios, this family of phones will push the envelope for a brand that is better known for bargain basement devices.

Most other mobiles have a 16:9 aspect ratio as dictated by the common 720p and 1080p resolutions, but the 5 series will use an 18:9 setup that will give users a bit more onscreen area to play with, as well as opening up new possibilities in terms of app design.

Cheaper Alcatel 3 and 1 series mobiles are also in the works for release this year, albeit with less impressive materials and components on offer.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the 5 series, aside from its design and display, will be the promised facial recognition capabilities. This will be doubled up with a fingerprint scanner on the rear to provide plenty of security and convenience for users who want to unlock their device quickly.

The manufacturer has yet to reveal pricing for any of its upcoming smartphones, but it is safe to expect that they will be competitive with similar devices.