All-metal iPhone 7C may emerge next year

iphone5c-headerEarlier in 2015, it was widely rumoured that Apple would be launching the iPhone 6C to go along with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. But when the September announcement arrived, this affordable model was missing in action.

Now sources quoted by Apple Insider are claiming that the 6C is actually getting an overhaul and is likely to arrive with a new name and a metal chassis, rather than a plastic exterior, at some point in 2016.

Rumours indicate that in addition to having a premium exterior, the freshly minted iPhone 7C will use a four inch display, eschewing the 4.7 inch standard set by the iPhone 6 and 6s.

In terms of hardware, the iPhone 7C is expected to be more powerful than the iPhone 5S, which was Apple’s flagship back in 2013. It could even match the 2014 iteration of the iPhone 6s in terms of processing power, if not in display size or resolution.

The iPhone 5C was Apple’s first stab at producing an affordable smartphone, although it did not achieve the kinds of sales that the company was expecting. There were questions over whether the range would ever be revived and now it is looking like an all-metal iPhone 7C is on the cards.

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