Amazon’s Jeff Bezos comes clean about Fire Phone failure

Amazon Fire PhoneThe poor reviews and sluggish sales of Amazon’s first smartphone have been big news in the second half of 2014, but now the e-commerce giant’s chief exec has spoken out about the floundering of the device, according to NBC News.

Jeff Bezos admitted that the Fire Phone had not been Amazon’s finest hour, although he said that it was a failure that still had many positive aspects that he believes many people in the media are overlooking.

For Bezos, the Fire Phone was just another gamble that the company had taken in an attempt to reach new markets. And while things like the Kindle Fire range of tablets and the Amazon prime service were a success in retrospect, they were as much of a risk as the Fire Phone in the early days.

The Fire Phone has come down in price significantly since it was released in the UK and elsewhere, with mobile users able to snap it up free on contract with current deals compared here – Amazon Fire Phone Deals. And in spite of the mixed reviews, it remains a powerful and potentially very good smartphone, that is let down by its reliance on Amazon’s proprietary software and services.

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