Android 4.3 resumes rollout on Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was one of the biggest selling devices of 2012 and is still being used happily by tens of millions of people. However, last month some issues with the new Android 4.3 update for the phone caused the manufacturer to cease the rollout.

Battery life problems, software hang-ups and total device failure were reported by a number of users who had installed the update, which was not a hugely positive state of affairs for Samsung.

But the good news is that the rollout has now recommenced after a little tinkering has gone on behind the scenes, so UK users can download Android 4.3 to their Galaxy S3 with confidence, according to BBC News.

A spokesperson for Samsung apologised for the issues and said that the rollout will not be determined by the schedule laid out by network providers.

Of course, if you want the latest version of Android as soon as possible, then you should really opt for one of Google’s Nexus devices, like the recently released Nexus 5. Galaxy S3 owners will also be expecting an upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat at some point in the future, although the timing for that launch remains uncertain.

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