Android and iOS remain top mobile dogs


Although the mobile operating system market has become more diverse in 2013 there are still two clear leaders, with Google’s Android and Apple‘s iOS continuing to triumph.

Comscore stats suggest that the 52.4 per cent share of the smartphone market in the US will not be bettered in the near future, while Apple’s 39.2 per cent stake was also shown to be resilient.

Both of these market leaders managed to grow their already impressive sales, while rivals saw their slices of the pie shrink.

Windows Phone 8 was down to three per cent, while BlackBerry clings onto 4.8 per cent, across the pond.

Apple is still the biggest smartphone hardware seller in the states, with 32.9 per cent, ahead of the 23 per cent allocated to rival and Android powerhouse, Samsung.

The rest of the market is divided between smaller competitors, including HTC, LG and Motorola, according to TechRadar.

This means that the significant efforts of other companies to steal the limelight from Apple, Samsung and Google, have barely made a dent in their continued success.

Significant shifts have occurred in the mobile market before and they will again, but at the moment, it is difficult to imagine a time when Android and iOS are not the biggest players.

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