Android apps could end up on Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 535Microsoft might soon be joining BlackBerry in allowing apps designed for Android to run on its own-brand software, according to reports from The Information.

Windows Phone is making progress, but in the four years since it launched, it has not managed to match either iOS or Android in terms of the number of apps that it has available.

This problem is exacerbated because many popular apps are not ported over to Windows Phone by developers, because there is such a big market for them on Android and iOS that this is not necessary.

But now Microsoft may open the floodgates and enable Android apps to work in the Windows Phone ecosystem. This would dramatically boost the number of compatible apps, although the flip side would be that developers might reduce their focus on Windows Phone even further.

While this might not work in Microsoft’s favour, the upshot for mobile users would be more choice. And with so many people picking affordable Windows Phone handsets from the Lumia range, thanks to their low cost, it would ensure that the operating system is even more competitive in the tough market that exists at the moment.

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