Android Devices Set to Adopt Facial Scanning for Security Purposes

Early indications from a pre-release version of the software are that users of Android Q will be able to achieve a lot once they have registered their face on a compatible device. This includes unlocking their phone, logging into applications and committing to purchases.

Whether or not this ability will be backwards compatible with existing Android devices, specifically Google’s own-brand Pixel range, remains to be seen, although it is likely that a hardware upgrade to go along with the new software will be a necessity.

Leaks this week suggested that the Pixel 4 is already out in the wild, with rumours of a 6GB slab of RAM sitting on board along with the latest Snapdragon processor. No mention of facial recognition features, or an improved front-facing camera to facilitate them, was made.

Third-party Face ID-style functions have already been added to Android by the likes of Huawei and Samsung, but official support within the OS would certainly help streamline the use of such features.

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