Android Lollipop hitting the Samsung Galaxy S5 in December

Samsung Galaxy S5 LollipopThe Samsung Galaxy S5 launched earlier this year with Android KitKat onboard. But, with a new version of Google’s operating system on the way, owners will no doubt be eager to find out when they will be getting their fix of Android Lollipop.

The good news is that sources quoted by Sam Mobile believe version 5.0 of Android will be hitting the Galaxy S5 in December, kicking off a global rollout that should be completed a month or so later.

Initiating software updates on smartphones is made all the more complicated because network providers and manufacturers have to get involved in the process and approve any changes along the way.

This is true for most Android handsets, apart from those in the Nexus range, for which Google alone is responsible. One of the benefits of choosing an iPhone rather than a device running Android, is that the OS updates roll out more or less simultaneously.

For anyone with a Galaxy S5 in their pocket right now, Android Lollipop could be popping up in December, although it is more likely that an early 2015 launch will occur, given the obstacles that need to be overcome.

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