Android Pay gets UK launch

android-payMaking contactless payments with compatible Android mobile phones is now possible nationwide, thanks to the arrival of Google’s official Android Pay service.

Smug iPhone owners have been enjoying access to Apple Pay for the past 12 months, but the slower rollout of Android Pay was inevitable given the sheer number of devices and manufacturers involved in the ecosystem.

A number of major banks have committed to support this service, including the likes of Halifax and HSBC. Although compatibility is far from universal, so some customers will be left disappointed.

Any shop or outlet which offers contactless payments will be able to accept Android Pay, since it is based on the same underlying technology as other solutions of this kind. But Google has managed to partner with a number of big retailers in order to give this service a publicity boost in the days following its launch in the UK.

To use Android Pay it is necessary to download the dedicated app and enter relevant details so that your card information can be synced with your handset.

Contactless cards are already common nationally, but now smartphones are stepping in to replace wallets and purses entirely, at least in theory.