Android phones to offer native PS3 controller support

ps3 controller for android phone
PS3 Controller for Android Phones

At the moment if you want to interact with mobile games on a modern Android smartphone, you will probably be limited to using touchscreen controls, or perhaps using a device’s internal gyroscopes to manipulate the action.

However, YouTuber Tom Randal revealed that Sony is planning to make its Xperia range of Android handsets natively compatible with the DualShock 3 controller, that is more commonly used in conjunction with the PlayStation 3 console.

It makes sense for Sony to take this route because many of its Xperia-exclusive games are already optimised for use with a gamepad and the PS3’s controller is a perfect partner.

It is already possible to control an Android handset using the PS3 controller, although to achieve this, it is necessary for the device to be rooted, which is an advanced and unsanctioned technique that most users should not attempt.

So far Sony has not commented on Randal’s revelations, but it seems that the arrival of native PS3 controller support for devices like the Xperia T and Xperia Z, would be welcomed by many gaming fans.

Sony could also increase its sales if it has exclusive gaming-oriented features such as this on offer.

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