Angry Birds and Star Wars collide in rumours mash-up

Angry Birds and Star Wars

Angry Birds is without a doubt the most successful casual gaming franchise to come out of the smartphone revolution.

In fact, the sales of merchandise and licensed products have made developer Rovio much more cash than that which it has earned via sales of the various iterations of the games themselves.

Another man who knows a lot about the value of licensed products is Star Wars creator, George Lucas, which is why the rumoured link-up between the two properties does not seem all that strange.

Rovio posted an image displaying a small, round object hidden by a brown cloak and holding a light sabre, which makes it look very much like an Angry Birds iteration of Obi Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars universe.

Whether or not this means we will be getting an Angry Birds game which features characters from Star Wars remains to be seen, since it could be linked only to a combination of the two franchises for the production of toys and other non-gaming products.

However, Angry Birds Space arrived earlier this year, which means there is at least a tentative link between the two. Being able to destroy a Death Star-like structure, housing a Sith lord who is also a green pig, would also be fun.

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