Angry Birds Star Wars sequel inbound

Angry Birds Star Wars

Fans of mobile gaming, or indeed anyone with eyes and ears, will be familiar with the Angry Birds phenomenon, given its overwhelming ubiquity at the moment.

Developer Rovio has made billions from app sales and merchandising, while also showing an eagerness to blend its brand with other well known entertainment properties.

Now the studio has confirmed that Angry Birds Star Wars is getting a sequel, with a September 19th release date pencilled in for this upcoming mobile app.

With tons of new characters, levels and gameplay capabilities, Angry Birds Star Wars II is sure to appeal to the fans of the series.

Rovio is also looking to further monetise Angry Birds through something called Telepods. These are basically separately available figurines, which can be transported into the game by tapping them against the display, similar in style to the Skylanders Giants franchise on home consoles.

This is likely to be something that appeals to the younger audiences who have fallen in love with Angry Birds, although, doubtlessly, there will be adult collectors who want to get in on the act.

A worldwide rollout across multiple platforms is set to occur simultaneously for this game, so September should be a big month for smartphone owners.

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