App surge helps legitimise Windows Phone platform

Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system has been on the market for a little over two years, with early criticisms being levelled against it for the lack of apps available when compared with the likes of iOS and Android.

However, it has been announced that an additional 75,000 apps were added to the Windows Phone Marketplace over the course of 2012 alone, which will help Microsoft to convince sceptics that its software is finally competitive in the downloadable content department.

An average Windows Phone user will have downloaded 54 apps, with 85 per cent of people preferring apps that have integrated Live Tile functionality, according to an official blog post.

Android and iOS are expected to breach the million app barrier in the next 12 months, which still puts them well ahead of Windows Phone.

However, the reality is that only a small proportion of this catalogue will ever gain widespread popularity or offer the levels of quality that users expect. As such, the quantity is less important, provided that the overall experience is on a par across all of the available mobile operating systems during the next 12 months on the market.

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