Apple bows out of cameraphone race

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It seems more and more likely that Apple is not going to try and keep up with its rival manufacturers when it comes to the camera which will be found on the next-generation iPhone.

According to sources quoted by Apple Insider, the iPhone 6 will indeed stick with an eight megapixel snapper, rather than chasing the ever-increasing pixel counts found on its contemporaries, including the Galaxy S5 from Samsung and the Xperia Z2 from Sony.

Recent reports of a similar nature back up this claim, indicating that Apple no longer feels the need to push for higher and higher megapixels and is, instead, focusing on other areas to make its iPhone 6 camera stand out from the crowd.

Serious photographers know that megapixels are not the only thing necessary to make a digital camera work wonders, and in fact, an eight megapixel unit has been found on every iPhone since 2011, so it is a bit of a tradition by this point.

Apple may also be aware that people will flock to buy the iPhone 6 irrespective of how many millions of pixels its camera can capture, with the focus of this year?s device likely to be on bringing a bigger screen to the table.

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