Apple criticised over new iPhone battery limitations

Apple iPhone xs
Apple iPhone XS

Independent tests carried out by Tom’s Guide have revealed that the new iPhone XS and XS Max are not quite up to scratch when it comes to battery life.

Both devices were outclassed by competing Android mobile phone handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 2 XL, in terms of how long they could last before requiring a recharge.

The good news for Apple mobile phone fans is that the difference between these devices was relatively narrow, at a couple of hours on average. However, it is still a sign that the iPhone range remains somewhat behind the curve when it comes to battery performance capabilities and optimisations.

Experts argue that for the majority of users, the latest iPhone models will be capable of surviving a day of use without giving up the ghost. However, the real issues may arise in a year or two when the handsets are a little older and the usual dip in battery life hits home.

As phones get bigger and more power-hungry, larger batteries are also inevitably needed to keep them up and running. Apple may need to look for new ways to enhance the iPhone family in this respect if it wants to remain competitive.

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