Apple exec admits managing iPhone multitasking cannot improve battery life

Apple 3D TouchBattery life is a limitation on all smartphones, but Apple fans are among the most vociferous in their complaints about power consumption and device performance.

Many mobile makers and experts alike advise that users who want to extend the amount of use they can get out of their handset from a single charge should close any unused apps which are running in the background. But now, one of Apple’s top executives has apparently said that eliminating multitasking apps made no difference to battery life.

9to5Mac reports that this advice was provided to a user by Apple’s Craig Federighi, who explained that he does not exit apps using the multitasking manager because battery life will not be improved as a result.

Conversely, both Google and Microsoft suggest that users of Android and Windows Phone, respectively, should endeavour to close unused apps if they find that their battery is being drained at a rapid pace.

Apple, on the other hand, is less eager to urge this approach, arguing the apps should only be closed if they are glitched or have crashed.

This comes down to the fact that the apps are not technically running, but merely appear to be, making closing them in iOS unnecessary.