Apple launching cheaper iPhone 5C

Image via macrumors.comAlthough the iPhone 5C was positioned as being a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 5S when it arrived last year, it only lived up to this promise on a relative scale, because of course, it was still significantly more expensive than other mid range models.

Apple is attempting to amend this with the introduction of a new version of the 5C, which is identical to its predecessors, save for the fact that it has just 8GB of built-in storage space rather than 16GB or 32GB.

Although official pricing has yet to be revealed, it is expected to cost around £50 less than its 16GB counterpart, making it worth roughly £420 if you want to buy it SIM free in the UK, according to TechRadar.

It should come in a range of colours and use most of the same hardware as was found in 2012’s iPhone 5.

Interestingly, it will be arriving in Europe before anywhere else, although it is likely that Apple will launch it internationally in the coming weeks.

Will it be enough to boost sales and save the 5C from being axed this year? Only time will tell as Apple preps its next-gen devices.

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