Apple looks into iCloud hacking scandal

Image via dw.deThis week over one hundred of the world’s most famous celebrities were caught up in a major leak of private photos, which were apparently stolen in part from Apple’s iCloud storage service. And now the Californian tech giant is committing some of its resources to investigating just how this happened, according to company spokesperson, Natalie Kerris.

Kerris told Recode that the firm was actively attempting to work out just how hackers were able to take advantage of a bug in the iPhone’s feature, that allows users to pinpoint its location if it is lost or stolen.

Incursions of this kind have happened in the past, but never on the same scale. And while some of the victims have said that their leaked snaps were fakes, others have confirmed that they are the genuine article.

The intimate nature of the images has been the most shocking aspect of the hack, as well as the reason that it has become so newsworthy. And average iPhone users will no doubt be worried about just how easy it is for their own private details to be accessed by third parties, which means Apple has some work to do to reassure customers that their security measures are robust.

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