Apple Maps debacle continues

Apple Maps

Following the launch of the iPhone 5, there has been much talk of the problems associated with the Apple Maps app, which was introduced to replace¬†Google Maps, as the phone’s standard navigation service.

Now a number of other problems have been revealed, culminating in an official apology from Apple boss, Tim Cook.

One problem, which does not impact users but does affect national security, is that Apple has not bothered to blur out the specific details of secret installations relating to military and intelligence operations.

While Google’s service provides deliberately obscured overhead views of certain facilities across various national areas, the same cannot currently be said of Apple Maps, with various nations, including Turkey and the Netherlands, making complaints.

The issues with the new iOS 6 mapping seem to be so severe that one source is claiming just four per cent of users are still harnessing it in its current state.

Information from Snappli suggests that while 25 per cent of iPhone owners were using Google Maps daily, prior to its eradication from the iPhone ecosystem, this has since dropped sharply as a direct result of the major complaints surrounding the freshly integrated Apple Maps.

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