Apple may axe Home Button

iPhone 6 sizesThe Home Button has been an enduring hardware feature of the iPhone range, only being altered to add fingerprint scanning capabilities in recent years while retaining its original functionality. But now Digitimes reports that Apple might be closer than ever to doing away with it altogether.

This is only being considered because the company is working with its manufacturing partners to develop an all in one touchscreen display, which can also scan fingerprints.

An additional benefit of getting rid of the Home Button is that it would allow more of the front surface of the iPhone to be dedicated to the display itself, reducing the size of the surrounding bezel significantly.

iPhone fans who are in favour of keeping the Home Button in its current position will be pleased to hear that this year’s iPhone 6S range is almost certainly going to stick with the same physical inputs as the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This means that it has been given a stay of execution for at least another 12 months.

By the time the iPhone 7 is launched in the autumn of 2016, however, the story could be very different and the Home Button may be no more.

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