Apple may combine iPhone and iPod designs for next handset

ADR_Iphone6_01The iPhone 5C launched last autumn and although Apple was hoping to break into the affordable end of the mobile market, a few things got in its way and sales were not as stellar as it had hoped. In fairness, price was still a barrier, because while it is cheaper than the iPhone 5C, the gap is not that significant.

Now info reported by Macotakara, suggests that Apple’s next iPhones will take design cues from a combination of the iPhone 5C and the iPod Nano, creating a family with both 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch screen options.

This basically means that Apple may be using the colourful look of the iPhone 5C in combination with the metallic exterior of the Nano, to give the iPhone 6 a very different look from its predecessors.

Of course, the polycarbon plastic exterior of the iPhone 5C would clearly be getting the boot, implying that Apple is not happy with how it performed, nor how it made its premium brand appear to consumers.

We may have a few months to wait until the iPhone 6 is unveiled, but more rumours will shed light on its features in the interim.

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