Apple negotiates over LTE networking for iPhone 5

iphone-5It looks all but certain that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE networking capabilities when it is launched next month, as Apple has reportedly been in talks with Korean telecoms providers, to make sure that the device will work on their networks.

The Korea Times has recently quoted anonymous sources from within two of the country’s biggest telecoms firms as stating that there have been various meetings with Apple, which relate to the LTE compatibility for the iPhone 5.

Eight million people in South Korea have an LTE compatible phone and an associated tariff, so it makes sense for Apple to ensure that this market is catered for by the iPhone 5.

Of course, customers in the UK will once more be left out in the cold, because network providers have still not sorted out the spectrum debacle.

This means that by the time 4G LTE is available on British turf, the iPhone 6 could already be on the shelves.

Aside from a lack of 4G connectivity in the UK, the iPhone 5 should pack in every other feature found in other markets, so British buyers will, hopefully, not be overly disheartened.

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