Apple Pay coming to UK in January

Apple Pay UKApple is gearing up to launch its mobile payments service, catchily named Apple Pay, in the UK next month. That is as long as it can get the backing of the biggest banks operating domestically, according to the Telegraph.

Insider sources suggest that Apple has recently secured the support it needs to bring its smartphone payment service to British customers, which could result in a major change in the way that people pay for products and services.

While this is arguably good news for consumers, there are concerns over the extent to which Apple Pay will be used to monitor the spending habits of its users. And this certainly seems like an important part of why the service is being introduced internationally.

Fans of the iPhone range will be able to use their handsets to make payments in a variety of contexts, effectively supplanting traditional cash and card payments. This is not a new or exclusive technology, but Apple has the commercial might to make it truly mainstream.

If all goes to plan, then Apple Pay will be launched in the UK during January, and it seems like little is standing in the way of the iPhone 6 maker.

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