Apple plans interface overhaul for iOS 7 apps

iOS 7

The aesthetic style of Apple‘s iOS 7 is definitely a departure from what fans will have come to expect over the past six years, with the manufacturer looking to make these changes go deeper than just the homescreen interface.

This is being achieved to a certain degree by automatically altering the look of app icons, according to 9to5Mac.

Apps which are already available with iOS 6 are apparently appearing on iPhones running the developer build of iOS 7 with a much flatter look, which keeps them consistent with the overall design of this new mobile operating system.

Since the apps themselves have not been updated from their iOS 6 versions, it seems that iOS 7 is applying some kind of wizardry to their visuals automatically.

Of course, most developers will choose to create app updates which land when iOS 7 is made available to mainstream users, presumably with their own redesigned icons.

But if Apple is going to be doing some of the work for them, it will be interesting to see how the results appear later in the year. The user response to the iOS redesign has also yet to be gauged in full.

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