Apple Pledges to Replace Faulty iPhone Batteries

iphone 6Eligible Apple customers can now get a replacement battery for their iPhone 5 without having to pay a penny, providing they purchased the device within a specific time frame, according to TechRadar.

While the iPhone range has never been especially efficient as a result of all the smart features that it offers, it seems that some iterations of the iPhone 5 were shipped with genuinely faulty cells in them. And now the replacement scheme is setting out to right this wrong.

Devices bought between September of 2012 and January of the next year fall within the remit for free replacement, although you will also need to check up on the serial number of your device to see if you are within the affected group.

In a statement, Apple confirmed details of the scheme but also pointed out that the actual number of customers who are eligible will be small because the fault was not particularly common.

Next month the iPhone 6 is going to make its debut, with a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch variant on the way, so hopefully bigger batteries with more power and fewer faults are also on the cards.

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